Independent Player Unidesk Looks to Break Up 'Two-Horse Race' In VDI

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure company Unidesk released Unidesk 3.0, which will expand its solutions portfolio beyond its current VMware-centric offerings to include Microsoft and Citrix as well. The extension came from Unidesk's CEO's own philosophy that more vendors in the virtual desktop space is better for the channel and end users.

"The virtual desktop space -- the VDI space -- has really been a two-horse race: Citrix and VMware," said Unidesk CEO Don Bulens, who also cited the increased popularity of Microsoft Hyper-V.

Bulens said the tools and products offered by those companies remain too complex for many companies to realistically implement on their own. Unidesk, in contrast, offers ’radically simplified Windows management and application delivery, purpose-built for virtual environments."

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"Unidesk customers save time, money, and are happier people," Bulens said.

"Long term, we think that there is a massive opportunity to provide simplified management and delivery of applications in the data center, in private clouds, and in hybrid clouds," he told CRNtv.

The CEO said the key to the market is to allow product integration from multiple vendors. End users who use VMware in the data center should also be permitted to use Azure or Amazon in the cloud.

"Tha's valuable to the channel, because the channel then truly can bring the right solution to a customer depending on their needs and not be wedded to a particular manufacturer," Bulens said.