Demo: SmartBear Ready API

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SmartBear’s Ready API is a collection of tools that enable a full portfolio of testing with API virtualization, from functional to security testing.

API’s SoapUI NG Pro tool is built just for testers and developers to ’improve service quality and speed time to delivery.’

’You can do your validations against responses, data-driven testings, among some other functionalities,’ said SmartBear’s Temil Sanchez during a demonstration to CRNtv.

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With SmartBear’s LoadUI NG Pro tool, testers can ensure API speed under heavy traffic loads. Most important, the Secure Pro tool checks for any vulnerability that may arise through transactions.

SmartBear’s ServiceV Pro lets end users leverage APIs to the virtual level and promises to reduce delays due to downtime. It also limits third-party service dependence.

’Maybe you’re dealing with third-party APIs that charge you every time you use them. And to kill that dependency, you can take that in-house,’ said Sanchez.