FixStream Provides The 'Google Maps' Of Virtualization

San Jose, Calif.-based FixStream offers a cloud and visualization platform to prevent outages and identify blind spots in today's world, one that increasingly depends less on hardware and more on virtualized networks and software.

’FixStream is an operational analytics platform. Its fundamental focus is to build actionable application maps in a hybrid environment,’ said Sameer Padhye, founder and CEO.

Global solution provider Tech Mahindra acquired a 75 percent stake in the company in 2014.

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’It’s really difficult to track an application environment because everything is so dynamic,’ explained Padhye. ’So when that application suffers performance or unavailability, people first need to understand what could be causing the problem.’

Padhye compared his technology to Google Maps. When an accident or traffic is reported, Google Maps sends out alerts to its application users. In the same sense, FixStream builds application maps and alerts its users when there is an outage.

’So now you instantly understand what could be causing the problem for the application performance or availability,’ he said.

Padhye said the solution is particularly crucial because more and more applications, software and information live in virtualized data centers. Companies depend less and less on hardware.

’So when the two data center entities are talking, they’re virtualized. You can’t see them anymore. So you really have to track their flows and application paths. FixStream will dynamically discover every entity that flows those paths and visualize [it],’ he said.