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VMware CEO: Broadcom Is ‘Super Excited’ About Our Partners

Wade Tyler Millward

‘Obviously, the channel is a huge, huge part of what we do. And [Broadcom is] super excited about using that channel in the ways that we are doing today and growing from there, says VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram.

The Macro Cloud Spend

The public cloud is still averaging about a 30 percent growth. This might be slower than a 35 [percent] or 40 [percent], but it‘s still a pretty significant growth—No. 1.

No. 2, if you think about Aria or Tanzu, they‘re solving problems that exist today. Already, regardless of future growth.

In other words, when we walk into our customers, one of the first things they tell us is, ‘Hey, it’s too hard to build cloud-native applications. There’s a developer experience problem. And we’ve got applications running on native Kubernetes. And we’re having trouble managing them’ – or, ‘Our cloud spend is going up faster than we like.’

Those are problems that exist today. And those are the problems that we’re solving with our technology. The third thing is … customers ultimately are balancing what they would run on-prem, what they would run in the cloud, what they would run on the edge.

The beauty of Tanzu or Aria or NSX is it works across all of these things. So regardless of whether you intend to deploy your application on a cloud-native platform or a vSphere platform, the networking challenge will be solved by NSX.

The security challenge will be solved by NSX and Carbon Black [VMware’s cybersecurity subsidiary]. The management problem can be solved by cloud management technologies, such as Aria, and so on and so forth.

So we don’t see the macro cloud spend trend dramatically shifting with how customers can get benefit today from our products.

On VMware’s 5G Project With Dish

What we’re doing with [broadcast satellite provider] Dish is one of the most exciting things happening of any telco anywhere in the world. … They’re building the first end-to-end open RAN [radio access network]-based 5G architecture—adding on top of the virtualized platform—utilizing the edge, the data center and the cloud.

As they build the skills out, they will get great economic benefit as well as flexibility and speed benefit as well. That’s why they’re doing it.

And so far, the initial rollout has gone really well there. The target was to get to 20 percent of their intended coverage area by the middle of this year, and they hit their target.

Wade Tyler Millward

Wade Tyler Millward is an associate editor covering cloud computing and the channel partner programs of Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, Oracle, Salesforce, Citrix and other cloud vendors. He can be reached at

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