2017 Cloud Partner Programs Guide Details

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LookingGlass Cyber Solutions Inc.
LookingGlass MSSP Program (part of the Cyber Guardian Network)

U.S. Headquarters11091 Sunset Hills Road Suite 210
Reston, VA 20190
U.S. HQ phone number7033511000
Year Company Founded2009
CEOChris Coleman
Worldwide Channel ChiefLaurie Potratz
TitleVice President, Global Channels and Alliances
Date Began Serving In This Role3/1/16
North American Channel ChiefLaurie Potratz
TitleVice President, Global Channels and Alliances
Date Began Serving In This Role3/1/16
North American Cloud Channel Program ManagerLaurie Potratz
TitleVice President, Global Channels and Alliances
Email Addresslpotratz@lookingglasscyber.com
Cloud Involvement, Products, And Solutions
Our existing partner program supports our cloud products/services
Our products are sold as a Cloud Service where we (the vendor) are the Service Provider (i.e. SaaS, PaaS or IaaS, HW as a service, network connectivity)
Year Cloud Channel Program was established2016
Please provide a brief overview of the company's cloud partner program or describe the components of your company's overall partner program that specifically pertains to cloud computing.Partners can now offer Threat Intelligence as a Service to their customers. The program requirements mirror those of our Cyber Guardian Network partner program, as the MSSP program is a subset of the other. There is one partner level for MSSPs; they are required to become sales and technically enabled, write a joint business plan to include a joint Marketing plan, and work with LookingGlass to determine which threat intelligence services to offer. The business model varies according to the partner's business model and the current state of their Cloud business. The partner can offer Threat Intelligence Services such as Brand Abuse Protection, Anti-phishing, Rogue Mobile App Detection and Response and Takedown Services available from LookingGlass under our brand, or they can white-label the services if they so desire. This requires notification of customer information in order to provide the service; threat intelligence requires customer knowledge to be effective. Some services are automated and standardized; others are bespoke (such as Execuitve Threat Assessments and Vendor Threat Assessments, and require a Statement of Work leveraging LookingGlass' Special investigations Unit. The partner can also acquire components of their services solutions, or extensions to them, from LookingGlass leveraging an OEM derivative works model. This does not require any tracking of sales or sharing of customer information. An alternative model is the partner develops their own threat intelligence service leveraging LookingGlass technology; there is an upfront fee and then a revenue share model that does require reporting of customer information. Flexibility is key to the MSSP Program so we do not force fit a rigid model as MSSPs vary in scope and addressable markets; we make every attempt to consider this when determining the best way to go to market together.
Please outline as many as 3 of the top benefits that specifically pertain to cloud computing that channel partners gain from joining this partner program. The number one benefit is differentiation. Threat intelligence services are the next frontier in providing security and go beyond the traditional end point security/firewall offerings many MSSPs provide. LookingGlass is number 90 on Deloitte's Fast 500; this market is exploding and MSSPs now can take advantage of this new frontier of security services. Margins are high in this area as it is unique with not as many players in the MSSP space for threat intelligence services. The second benefit is we work closely with partners to determine the best service for them to offer their customers. We provide guidance on how to do the analysis required, whether they want to leverage their own analysts or ours. We review their new threat intelligence services collateral for accuracy, so the service is clearly and accurately depicted to the customer. LookingGlass provides support for the solution acquired under our maintenance agreement. The third benefit is we market our partners to our customers. We include their MSSP listing on our Cyber Guardian Network Partner Locator on the LookingGlass website (at no charge), so customers seeking these services can find a capable MSSP. Partners enjoy all the benefits of LookingGlass Cyber Guardian Network Program, as the MSSP Program is a subset of the overall Partner Program. We permit partners to leverage the LookingGlass brand or white label the services.
How many of your partners are currently enrolled in your Cloud partner program or are utilizing the cloud portion of your overall partner program?0 - this is a new program launched November 2016; we define the services offered with each partner and there are standard services and customized services available depending upon the MSSPs customer set and business model.
Please identify those areas in which your company actively promotes its technology components to encourage customers or service providers to build a cloud offering (public, private or hybrid).
Cloud Platforms (PaaS)
Cloud Security
threat intelligence services
In what areas does your company currently have a Public Cloud Service?
Cloud Security
In which of the following ways does your company engage with Channel partners to promote your Cloud-related technologies or services?
We have our own public cloud service or application - we use partners as agents
We have our own public cloud service or application - we use partners as resellers
We have software components and tools that are used by ISVs and developers to build SaaS applications, either for public, private or hybrid cloud environments
In which of the following types of Channel training and enablement activities does your company invest to assist your Cloud focused partners?
Specialized technical training (face to face)
Specialized technical training (on-line, ILT)
Specialized sales training (face to face)
Specialized sales training (on-line, ILT)
Business transformation training or consulting (focused on financial, organization or sales/mktg. changes required to succeed with the cloud)
Field sales mentoring or coaching (between your direct sales
Sharing of service delivery methodologies or IP around cloud solutions (pre or post-sale)
Sales playbooks or prospecting guides for cloud solutions
we work with our MSSPs to help them create threat intelligence services for their customers
In which of the following ways does your company invest money to assist partners specifically with their shift to selling and /marketing cloud solutions?
Customer Events
Offer them qualified cloud-specific sales leads
Partner Branding assistance (materials and/or funds)
Partner Demand Generation assistance (materials and/or funds)
Specialized local staff to help partners with marketing planning and/or execution
Partner Events
Partner Marketing Training
Co-selling assistance from local cloud-specialist sales or business development staff
What elements of support does you company offer in your Cloud channel program/tier to motivate and support your Cloud partners financially?
Deal Registration
Demo program/Trial Keys
Discounts (training, volume, tiered, etc.)Utility or annuity-based pricing or licensing
Internal-use product or licenses (discounted or free)
Referral programs (for Cloud Agents or influencers)
Compensation and Fees
Does your company offer VARs assistance in compensation of their sales teams on residual revenue programs (maintenance, software or professional services), recurring revenues or annuity streams?Yes
Are partners required to pay a fee to join your the basic or minimum tier of this Cloud Partner Program?No
Are partners required to meet specific minimum revenue requirements in order to join the basic or minimum tier of this Cloud Partner Program?No
Which of the following requirements must partners meet in order to join the basic or minimum tier of this Cloud Partner Program?
Business planning requirements
Certified/accredited sales staff
Marketing plan
Technical certification requirements
Valid website
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