2017 Cloud Partner Programs Guide Details

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WatchGuard Technologies
WatchGuardONE Partner Program

U.S. Headquarters505 Fith Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104
U.S. HQ phone number206-613-6600
Year Company Founded1996
CEOParkash Panjwani
Worldwide Channel ChiefColetta Vigh
TitleDirector, Global Channel Programs
Date Began Serving In This Role8/1/14
North American Channel ChiefEli Robinson
TitleDirector of North American Channels
Date Began Serving In This Role1/1/14
North American Cloud Channel Program ManagerColetta Vigh
TitleDirector, Global Channel Programs
Email Addresscoletta.vigh@watchguard.com
Cloud Involvement, Products, And Solutions
Our existing partner program supports our cloud products/services
Our products are sold as a Cloud Service where we (the vendor) are the Service Provider (i.e. SaaS, PaaS or IaaS, HW as a service, network connectivity)
Our products are used to enable off-premise Cloud Solutions
Our products are used to build hybrid Private Cloud Solutions
Year Cloud Channel Program was established2015
Please provide a brief overview of the company's cloud partner program or describe the components of your company's overall partner program that specifically pertains to cloud computing.WatchGuardONE Channel Partner Program is the only channel partner program and covers all of WatchGuard's cloud-delivered security services, specifically targeted towards public and private cloud offerings. WatchGuard offers simplified centralized management and actionable visibility tools that can be deployed by partners in private cloud infrastructure. WatchGuard also offers Cloud Wi-Fi that includes public cloud management service for cloud-managed WIPS access points. WatchGuard partners can leverage virtual UTM solutions that can be deployed in private cloud environments. WatchGuard's Total Security Suite also includes a cloud-hosted and -managed Threat Detection and Response service. Additionally, WatchGuardONE includes differentiated benefits and features for WatchGuardONE MSSP Partners, that enable the managed service partners to effectively distribute their investments using a flexible monthly pre-pay points program.
Please outline as many as 3 of the top benefits that specifically pertain to cloud computing that channel partners gain from joining this partner program.Flexible payments based on predictable monthly pre-pay points. Ability to pause and re-start delivered services - MSSP Services can be stopped and re-started on the same device per customer needs. Lower entry price for equipment and distributed investment - MSSP appliances are available at a lower price, and MSSP Points can be distributed across multiple devices and services for same or multiple customers.
How many of your partners are currently enrolled in your Cloud partner program or are utilizing the cloud portion of your overall partner program?320 MSSP Partners
Please identify those areas in which your company actively promotes its technology components to encourage customers or service providers to build a cloud offering (public, private or hybrid).
Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)
Cloud Platforms (PaaS)
Cloud Security
In what areas does your company currently have a Public Cloud Service?
Cloud Security
Wi-Fi Security, Threat Detection and Response Management, Network Visibility and Network Security Management
In which of the following ways does your company engage with Channel partners to promote your Cloud-related technologies or services?
We have our own public cloud service or application - we use partners as resellers
We have technology components that are used to build private or hybrid cloud infrastructure; we engage integrators or Cloud Builders
In which of the following types of Channel training and enablement activities does your company invest to assist your Cloud focused partners?
Specialized technical training (face to face)
Specialized technical training (on-line, ILT)
Specialized sales training (face to face)
Specialized sales training (on-line, ILT)
Field sales mentoring or coaching (between your direct sales
Sales playbooks or prospecting guides for cloud solutions
In which of the following ways does your company invest money to assist partners specifically with their shift to selling and /marketing cloud solutions?
Customer Events
Partner Branding assistance (materials and/or funds)
Partner Demand Generation assistance (materials and/or funds)
Specialized local staff to help partners with marketing planning and/or execution
Partner Events
What elements of support does you company offer in your Cloud channel program/tier to motivate and support your Cloud partners financially?
Deal Registration
Demo program/Trial Keys
Loyalty programs or SPIFs
Lower entry price for the hardware equipment, and monthly pre-pay points for security services.
Compensation and Fees
Does your company offer VARs assistance in compensation of their sales teams on residual revenue programs (maintenance, software or professional services), recurring revenues or annuity streams?Not Applicable
Are partners required to pay a fee to join your the basic or minimum tier of this Cloud Partner Program?No
Are partners required to meet specific minimum revenue requirements in order to join the basic or minimum tier of this Cloud Partner Program?Yes
Which of the following requirements must partners meet in order to join the basic or minimum tier of this Cloud Partner Program?
Actively transacting partner
Reseller certificate
Technical certification requirements
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