2016 Partner Program Guide Details

Juniper Networks
Juniper Partner Advantage Program

Address1137 Innovation Way
Sunnyvale, CA
Phone888-JUNIPER (888-586-4737)
CEORami Rahim
Year Company Founded1996
Year Division Created2004
In what month does your fiscal year end?Calendar Year (D
Worldwide Channel Chief Full NameMatt Hurley
Worldwide Channel Chief TitleCorporate Vice President, Global Channels and Field Marketing
Worldwide Channel Chief Date Began serving in this Role04/2014
North American Channel Chief Full NameJonathan Belcher
North American Channel Chief TitleVice President, Americas Commercial and Partner Sales
North American Channel Chief Date Began Serving in this Role01/2004
Name of North American Channel ProgramJuniper Partner Advantage Program
Year this Channel Program was established2012
Name of North American Channel Program ManagerTuan Nguyen
Program Manager TitleDirector, Americas Partner and Commercial Sales
Program Manager Email Addresstanguyen@juniper.net
Products and services in which your company specializes and the sales models that apply: Combination/hybrid model (partner product resell and deploy in an as-a-service model) Business intelligence and analytics
Cloud tools and management
Converged infrastructure
Enterprise networking infrastructure
Hyper converged infrastructure
Managed services software RMM
Network connectivity
SDS Software defined Storage
Security Identity and access management
Security network security appliances and software
SMB networking hardware
Systems management/network management
Virtualization networking server storage
WAN optimization/WAN acceleration
Size CategoryLARGE
Indirect RevenueDo not wish to disclose
North American Partners N/A
New North American Partners N/A
Tier NamesElite
 Reseller (VAR)
Number of North American Partners in Top Tier N/A
North American Partners in Tier 2 N/A
North American Partners in Tier 3 N/A
North American Partners in Tier 4 N/A
North American Partners in Tier 5 N/A
North American Partners in Tier 6 N/A
North American Partners in Tier 7 N/A
Worldwide Partners in Top Tier N/A
Worldwide Partners in Tier 2 N/A
Worldwide Partners in Tier 3 N/A
Worldwide Partners in Tier 4 N/A
Worldwide Partners in Tier 5 N/A
Worldwide Partners in Tier 6 N/A
Worldwide Partners in Tier 7 N/A
Which of the following best describes your company’s Cloud involvement, products, and solutions?
 Our products are used to enable Off-premise Cloud Solutions
 Our products are used to build Hybrid Private Cloud Solutions
Does your existing partner program support your company’s Cloud products/services?Our existing partner program supports our cloud products/services
Sales Support
Does your partner program compensate partners for deals that are registered by partners, but closed by direct sales?Yes
Does your partner program compensate partners for deals registered by one partner but closed by another or lost-deals to partners that did not obtain registration?No
Does your partner program offer extra points of margin/discount for registered deals?
Yes, depending on the product
 Yes, depending on the partner type or tier
 Yes, when we have time sensitive incentives
Does your partner program require you to communicate approval or denial of a deal registration within a certain amount of time?Yes within 72 hours
How does this channel program motivate/support its resellers?
 Awards for sales
 Direct deposit funds
 Discount promotions
 Eligibility to sell vendor services
 Field Channel account manager coverage
 Financial rewards
 Incentive programs
 Inside Channel account manager coverage
 Joint marketing planning
 Low-interest financing
 Marketing resources
 Online tools
 Partner portal
 Price protection plans
 Product demo program
 Qualified leads
 Referral programs
 Sales enablement
 Tiered discounts
Is it possible for a Solution Provider to attach services to your product/service beyond typical maintenance and/or break-fix?Yes
Thinking about a typical sale in which a Solution Provider is able to attach services to your product/service, is the amount they are able to attach:Attach services that are typically less than the cost of your solution
What, if any, specific programs do you have in place to help partners increase their services attach and/or profit?
Technical Certification Training
 Partner Services/Solution Selling Training
 Case Studies demonstrating the value of a total solution sell
 Statistics on Best In Class Services Attach Rates
 Self-provisioning license portal
Does your partner program offer a residual revenue program, recurring revenues or annuity streams that enable partners to create a long-term year after year revenue stream?Yes
Does your partner program offer demonstration units or evaluation licenses?
For top tier partners only
What does this program typically charge your partners for demo units or evaluation licenses?
More than 75% off list / No Fee
By what criteria are partner tiers for this partner program determined
Joint business plan
 Sales/Revenue volume
 Technical skills
 Solutions expertise
 Vertical market expertise
How are partner discounts determined? Please select all that apply.
 Tiered Discounts - level/tier earned in the partner program (higher discounts for higher levels/tiers)
 Business Model (i.e. Distribution-VAR resale discount differs from DMR resale discount, etc.)
 Deal Registrations
Which of the following does your partner program offer to partners in an effort to help expand their businesses?
Business transformation training to help partners capture more of the services market
 Information to help horizontal VARs break into vertical markets (ie Healthcare)
 Provide training and advice about incorporating Cloud Solutions into current offerings
 Provide training in order to simplify the concept of hosted and managed services for VARs
 Eligibility to sell vendor services
 Technical training
 Sales training
 Sales tools
 Vertical market case studies
 Tools to identify selling opportunities
 Marketing concierge services
 New hire assistance
 Solutions selling
 Post-sales services enablement training
 Joint marketing planning
 Other (please specify)
 Services Marketplace; Cloud Specialization; Joint Marketing Planning (elite partners)
What types of training does your partner program offer? Please select all that apply.
On Demand web based training/certification from any location (Self Serve)
 ILT (instructor lead training)
 Face to face training/certification
 Road shows
 Boot camp
 Blogs/Message boards
 Authorized training partners (distributors)
Is there a cost to partners for training and/or certification?
Free for all partners
 Partner pays a percentage (discount off full price)
 Partner pays a percentage (discount off full price)
How often does your partner program require re-certification or renewal for partners?Once every 13 to 24 months
Are partners required to pay a fee to join at the minimum or basic level of this partner program?
No fee
Does this fee vary based on any of the following?
Are partners required to meet revenue requirements in order to join the minimum or basic level of this partner program?No revenue commitment necessary
Please indicate which of the following requirements must be met in order for a partner to join the minimum tier or basic level of this partner program? Please select all that apply.
 Valid website
 Actively transacting partner
 Other (please specify)
 Active Account with Authorized Juniper distributor
Does this channel partner program offer: Please check all that apply.
Pre-sales support
 Post-sales support
 Post-sales services support
 Technical support
 Local account/field reps
 Escalation procedures for rules of engagement
 Dedicated account team
 Clearly defined division between accounts for direct and indirect sales
How much time in advance of their customers are solution provider A177partners briefed on new or upgraded product launches?1 month to less than 4 months before solution provider customers
Does your company utilize a partner advisory council that provides your company with constructive feedback on your partner program and/or channel issues?Yes
Does your company’s partner program portal/web site provide: Please select all that apply.
A catalogue of trusted, 3rd party marketing agencies to support partner marketing
 Searchable product/pricing database
 Downloadable marketing materials
 Online training resources
 Database for peer partnering
 Account management
 Portal with customizable dashboard based on profiles
 Ability for partners to syndicate your content to their website
 Managed services community
 Deal Registration
 Configuration/installation tools
 Troubleshooting tools
 A selection of marketing campaigns partners can order and have executed for them
 Other (please specify)
 The ability to syndicate Juniper web content as well as social posts on Juniper and industry-related topics
Which of the following types of hands-on marketing support does your partner program provide? Please check all that apply.
One to one marketing planning with internal partner marketing managers
 One to many marketing support via internal partner marketing managers
 Access to an automated marketing platform
 Full service marketing concierge services via 3rd party providers
How does your partner program inform and educate your partners? Does your partner program provide any of the following: Please select all that apply.
Hosts a conference specifically for partners
 Hosts a sales conference for direct sales and partners together
 Conducts online webinars and conferences
 Provides funding to partners to attend industry conferences
 Publishes regular newsletters
 Conducts regular email marketing
 Conducts regular meetings with individual partners
 Our channel account managers are responsible for educating and informing partners
 Other (please specify)
 Juniper Partners social media channels on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook; targeted executive email communications on specific to
Which of the following criteria must a partner meet in order to qualify for the minimum or basic level of MDF/Co-op marketing? Please select all that apply.
 Discretionary based on specific product focus
 Discretionary based on specific vertical/customer focus
 Discretionary based on channel accountmanager approval
 Other (please specify)
 sales volume criteria dependent on tier and eligible for MDF based on tiers
What does this partner program allow partners to spend MDF on? Please select all that apply.
 Print advertising
 Digital advertising
 Sales Training
 Technical training/certification
 Sales head count
 Technical head count
 Marketing head count
 Customer seminars/road shows
 Online webinars
 Demo equipment
 Events: industry conferences, workshops, etc.
 Telemarketing/outbound sales calling
 Email marketing
 Co-branded merchandise
 Content development (case studies, social content, blogs, solution briefs, etc.
 Direct Mail
 Social media enablement
 Website audit and development
 Activities that generate leads
 Branding and thought leadership campaigns
Does your partner program have Partner Marketing Managers assigned to partners that qualify for MDF to plan and execute demand generation campaigns?Yes
What percentage of your MDF/Co-op goes unspent on a quarterly basis?None
How does your partner program support its channel partners with leads?
Generates leads and initiates sales, which are turned over to partners.Top Tier Partners Only
Generates leads which are turned over to partners.Top Tier and 2nd Tier Partners Only
Works cooperatively with partners to drive demand directly to them through MDF and other marketing programs.All partners
Provides tools on portal for partners to drive their own demand.All partners

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