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Program, Five_Star


Location, Phone, URL, Founded, Established,WWHQ

Leadership: Top_Exec, NACC_Full(NACC_Image_URL), ProgramMgr_Full, NACM_Full, WWC_Full, Core

Program Highlights: Changes, Goals, Elements, Elevator

Products & Services: Core, SubCloud, SubDataCenter, SubEdge, SubHardware, SubMSP, SubNetworking, SubSecurity, SubSoftware, SubStorage

For each of these product or services categories in which you specialize, please indicate the licensing or pricing models you offer today that are available to your channel partners: Cloud_Model, DataCenter_Model, Edge_Model, Hardware_Model, MSP_Model, Networking_Model, Security_Model, Software_Model, Storage_Model, Other_Model

What areas of your channel investment do you expect to have the greatest investment/focus in the next 12 months?: Priority1, Priority2, Priority3, Priority4, Priority5, Priority6, Priority7, Priority8

Partner Program: PartnerCount7, Partner_Business_Model_Types, Program_Tiers, Min_Req, Prog_Criteria, Transac_Models, Promote, Cloud_Areas, Program_Training, Education

Training Costs: Prog82, Prog83, Prog84, Prog85, Prog86, Prog87, Increase_Skills, Support, Competitive_Cert, Revenue_Commit, Incentives, Prog122, Prog123, Prog126, Prog127, Special_Promo, Partner_Pricing, Sales_Engagement, Communication

Thinking about your channel partners’ marketing activities in 2022, estimate what percentage of partners’ own marketing activities were addressed by this program in each of these ways: Vendor_Managed_Perc, Vendor_Supported_Perc, Partner_Self_Serve_Perc, Marketing_Support, Portal, Prog213, Prog214, MDF_Funding, Spend_MDF, Lead_Generation, Prog267, Prog268

How does your partner program support its channel partners with leads?: Prog269, Prog270, Prog271, Prog272, Prog278, Prog283

Who is responsible for uploading the leads?: Prog289, Prog290, Metrics

Unedited data provided by vendors.