2016 Tech Innovators Databank

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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365

Finalist -- Software -- Enterprise Management


5335 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Suite 510
Washington, Other 20015

Company Twitter: @Metalogix

Company Founded: 2001

Top Executive: Ben Levitan, CEO

Product Introduced: 12/01/2015

Product Released: 12/01/2015

How many North American channel partners are currently offering this product for sale: 400

Is this product sold through North American distributors: (http://www.metalogix.com/Partners/find-a-partner) - Appriver - BMR - AVNET - CloudAssist - Convergent

Please briefly describe the product, its functionality and its target market:Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 (O365) features technology that provides all the functionality IT administrators need to perform the lifecycle management of their O365 environment in a single, unified platform with one installation. From off/onboarding and day-to-day user and environmental analysis and optimization, to security and backup/restore operations across O365 services, Essentials reduces administrative workload while ensuring that environments remains secure and efficient. It is the only solution that delivers: One Console. Multiple Office 365 Solutions. - Cloud Migration: Fastest way to effectively get users and data into O365 - Permissions Management - Unified on/sun-setting and transference of permissions for all O365 applications - Comprehensive Backup - Backup all collaboration content and data to the cloud or on-premises - License Optimization - Understand consumption and optimize license allocation for all O365 applications Mailbox & Drive Provisioning -- Set-up en masse or one-at-a-time mailbox and OneDrive for Business user accounts
What makes your product innovative: Control at your fingertips -- All the functionality needed to perform O365 content lifecycle management in a single, unified platform -- from onboarding and day-to-day user and environmental analysis and optimization, to security and backup/restore operations across O365 - Single, Extensible Platform - Analyze, migrate, manage, secure and backup O365 environment across all services from a single, unified UI that provides all the functionality of the disparate administrative portals and custom PowerShell scripts that admins leverage, as well as powerful analysis, remediation, migration, backup and security - Analysis & Optimization - Gain valuable insight into environmental status including trends in site and user activity, data growth, license deployment and usage, permissioning and sharing settings - ensures environment remains secure, content remains relevant, and licenses are being properly allocated for maximum ROI - Migrate, Manage & Secure -- Simplifies adoption process by providing detailed pre-migration reporting highlighting potential pain points
Why is this product important to your channel partners:Traditional content migration to Office 365 presents well-known challenges to VARs, Resellers, and SIs, as well as end users -- starting w/inadequate planning and design, to challenges related to onboarding, day-to-day user and environmental analysis and optimization, to security and backup/restore operations complications. Metalogix Essentials for O365 enables partners of all sizes to establish a de-risked and highly-successful Microsoft Office 365 practice. What’s more, Metalogix Essentials is now available to partners via its recently launched Metalogix Advantage Partner Program (MAPP) which offers all the critical information, training and content resources necessary to establish-and-maintain a repeatable and highly lucrative O365 practice.
Do channel partners need specific prerequisites, program memberships, badges, training or certification to sell this product:no
List Price (MSRP or expected end-user cost):8
Price Per:Other
Other Price Per:per user, per annum
Please nominate one of the individuals responsible for bringing this product or upgrade to market, be they the team leader or lead developer or engineer:Trevor Hellebuyck, Chief Technology Officer for Product Management and Architecture 
Please briefly describe this person's role with respect to this product:Trevor focused on product development and delivery. He specified the architecture to meet customer requirements, managed the entire development and delivery processes on a team w/ Engineering and Product Marketing (among other key executive stakeholders), and continues to stay close to the customer to ensure it is ready to meet/exceed future requirements.

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