2016 Tech Innovators Databank

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Applicant -- Storage


900 E. Hamilton Ave., Suite 230
Campbell, CA 95008

Company Twitter: @Nexsan

Company Founded: 1999

Top Executive: Robert, Fernander

Product Introduced: 04/26/2016

Product Released: 04/26/2016

How many North American channel partners are currently offering this product for sale: 913

Is this product sold through North American distributors: Yes. Promark, Ingram, Ingram Canada, Arrow, Arrow Canada, NewWave

Please briefly describe the product, its functionality and its target market:Nexsan UNITY is a next-generation hybrid storage platform that combines performance, scalability, universal connectivity, and the value of DRAM and Flash with enterprise file sync-and-share for today's connected world. Nexsan UNITY provides the ease of cloud availability with the security of an on-premises private cloud implementation in a single product, at a single price, so you have less to manage and lower overall costs. It is ideal for organizations of all sizes that are facing the need to balance shrinking budgets, ensure privacy and security, provide mobile access for remote employees, and compel users to adhere to corporate policies, particularly when sharing data outside the network. These challenges--exacerbated by data growth, backup demands, business continuity requirements, and the performance pressure of high-availability applications--are faced by IT every day. Normally this means siloed systems to meet all of these requirements, but no longer -- now that UNITY is an option.
What makes your product innovative:Unlike competitors that focus on speeds-and-feeds, UNITY was purpose-built to address specific IT and business requirements -- like secure mobile access for users, and productivity acceleration for workforce collaboration across distributed business environments. Topping UNITY's innovations is its patented n-WAY Sync functionality that allows users to securely access and share large files across distributed sites at high performance LAN speeds. Moreover, instead of cobbling together complex, expensive third-party products, UNITY is the first-and-only enterprise-class unified storage solution that has built-in private cloud capabilities. UNITY sits behind your organization's own secure, firewall protected infrastructure, yet feels like you are accessing your data with the flexibility of a public cloud service -- at no extra cost. If you need to share large files across various teams distributed across various geographies -- w/the safety-and-security of enterprise-class storage combined w/the speed and ease of a public cloud service, we suggest they check out UNITY.
Why is this product important to your channel partners:UNITY is a critical addition to the Nexsan partners’ portfolio as it helps them overcome one of their customers’ most painful challenges -- that is, data is growing at exponential rates, and commonly stored in silos which limit the user access that supports today’s mobile workforce. Today’s business users demand highly-secure, high performance 24x7 access to information from anywhere, at anytime, from any device. With the built-in private cloud capabilities at no extra cost, UNITY sits behind the organization’s own protected infrastructure, yet it feels like the user is accessing data with the flexibility of a public cloud service.
Do channel partners need specific prerequisites, program memberships, badges, training or certification to sell this product:no.
List Price (MSRP or expected end-user cost):35000
Price Per:Each
Please nominate one of the individuals responsible for bringing this product or upgrade to market, be they the team leader or lead developer or engineer:Gary Watson, Nexsan Founder and VP Technical Engagement
Please briefly describe this person's role with respect to this product:Gary focuses on staying close to the customer in order to ensure customer requirements, as well as directing the long-term vision for Nexsan solutions. He plays a key role and helps to direct research, proof of concepts, testing and analysis.

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