2016 Tech Innovators Databank

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Sophos Synchronized Security

Winner -- Network Security


3 Van de Graff Drive, 2nd Floor
Burlington, MA 01803

Company Twitter: @sophos

Company Founded: 1985

Top Executive: Kris Hagerman, CEO

Product Introduced: 11/12/2015

Product Released: 11/12/2015

How many North American channel partners are currently offering this product for sale: 6800

Is this product sold through North American distributors: Yes. Ingram Micro D and H Distributing Lifeboat Distribution

Please briefly describe the product, its functionality and its target market:• Synchronized Security is targeted to address advanced security needs for mid-market enterprises that want to find threats faster, prevent data loss and automate incident response. That said, enterprises of all sizes appreciate simplicity and automation, so we see adoption across the board from small business to very large enterprises. • Synchronized Security is designed to address the most advanced coordinated attacks and prevents both known and unknown threats through integration of endpoint protection, encryption, and network security. This is critical in today's environment because attacks have become so sophisticated and coordinated that individual point-products will not prevent compromises. Synchronized Security is not merely a single pane of management, but true policy-level integration of endpoint, encryption, and network such that these technologies work together as an integrated system to prevent, detect, isolate, and remediate systems back to health.
What makes your product innovative:• With 75% of threats now unique, zero-day attacks are the norm. Explosion of exploit kits, ransomware and sophisticated crime syndicates have moved threats from simple hacks to industrialized coordinated attacks. • Organizations need to be more sophisticated than the attack, so the silver bullet of security is not another point product, but a coordinated system of protection delivered by Synchronized Security: o Find Threats Faster -- Endpoint, encryption and network protection combine to identify unknown threats faster via a system of technologies including exploit prevention, anti-ransomware, malicious or suspicious behaviors, file and web reputation, heuristics, traffic patterns, and ATP (advanced threat protection). o Better Visibility -- root cause analysis allows security experts to see everything impacted by at attack from root cause to symptom. o Automated Incident Response - compromised endpoints are automatically isolated, encryption keys removed, malicious software removed, and all systems are returned to a healthy state.
Why is this product important to your channel partners:Sophos has over 230,000 customers protecting over 100 million users. Synchronized Security has been the primary growth driver over the past year as the company produced year over year growth of 25.2% in the quarter ending June 30, 2016. We now have thousands of Synchronized Security customers using Sophos endpoint, encryption and network protection as one integrated system, enabling organizations to prevent, detect, investigate, and remediate threats in near real time, without adding any staff. This growth presents tremendous revenue opportunities for our channel partners.
Do channel partners need specific prerequisites, program memberships, badges, training or certification to sell this product:No
List Price (MSRP or expected end-user cost):0
Price Per:Other
Other Price Per:Variables are too many, it's a technology that comes as a benefit to XG Network and Sophos Central endpoints. This is a technology that's a benefit of having the XG network and Sophos Central endpoints.
Please nominate one of the individuals responsible for bringing this product or upgrade to market, be they the team leader or lead developer or engineer:Dan Schiappa, SVP and General Manager of Enduser Security
Please briefly describe this person's role with respect to this product:Dan Schiappa joined Sophos as general manager of the Sophos Enduser Security Group in 2013. He is responsible for the company’s broad portfolio of enduser security offerings, including endpoint, mobile, server protection, and encryption and data protection products. Dan's vision and leadership pushed the team to develop the technology to enable our endpoint and network security products to "talk" which each other which greatly increases the effectiveness of both solutions. His leadership and vision was an impetus for this technology.

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