2017 Tech Innovators Databank

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Data Sharehouse

Winner -- Business Intelligence and Analytics

Snowflake Computing

Address101 S Ellsworth Ave
San Mateo, CA
Top ExecutiveBob Muglia
Please briefly describe the product, its functionality and its target market:Snowflake extended the modern data warehouse to the world's first Data Sharehouse, continuing to deliver on its vision of removing technology barriers that prevent enterprises from acquiring complete insight from any and all available data. With Snowflake's Data Sharehouse, enterprises can share any part of its data warehouse, in a governed, secure way, with any other enterprise and without the delays, cost and friction of existing primitive methods, such as email, FTP, EDI and APIs. Other benefits include: - Natively store all structured and semi-structured data once; share limitlessly with no data movement for fastest time-to-value. - A complete cloud sharing environment, eliminating the need and cost to store another enterprise's data. Data providers do not incur a cost for sharing data - data consumers only pay for computing resources they use on the data shared with them. - Data sharing business agreements are direct between data providers and consumers.
What makes your product innovative?The commercial use of sharing data emerged from Nielsen Corporation in 1923. Since then, enterprises adopted different data sharing models but with minimal success -- even the data sharing methods companies use today haven't changed much. Snowflake Computing, the only data warehouse built for the cloud, has extended the modern data warehouse, becoming the world's first data sharehouse, enabling a truly new and easy way to instantly share data without transforming it, copying it, or moving it to a new location. No other technology offers such a quick, powerful and inexpensive way to share live data between organizations. We are delivering a data sharing model that provides read-only access to an enterprise's entire data warehouse -- or just a secure slice of data. With this technology, Snowflake creates a data market open to all organizations, removing another barrier that inhibits enterprises from accessing limitless data.
Date Introduced6/22/17
Date Shipping6/22/17
Is this product sold by or delivered through solution providers, systems integrators, VARs or other channel partners in North America?Yes
Why is this product important to your channel partners?Snowflake solution partners help customers create data sharing applications using Snowflake’s offering. This gives solution partners the ability to deliver high-value integrated solutions. Snowflake’s Data Sharehouse provides an industry-first solution that helps partners and their customers remain competitive. Without the restricting and tedious process of copying or moving data manually, partners can empower enterprises to address new markets, offer new and enhanced products and services and drive new revenue and business efficiencies never possible with just their own data.
How many North American channel partners are currently offering this product for sale?Do Not Wish to Disclose
Do channel partners need specific prerequisites, program memberships, badges, training or certification to sell this product?Snowflake requires that partners be registered with Snowflake and complete training in order to be able to offer solutions to customers.
Is this product sold through North American distributors?No
List Price23
As it pertains to Data Sharing specifically, Snowflake data providers pay a per terabyte charge each month for the data that they store in The Data Sharehouse. Snowflake data consumers pay a per hour charge for the virtual compute resources they use to consume the data that has been shared with them. Pricing for data storage is currently $23/tb/month for a capacity agreement. Pricing for compute is currently $2.00 per hour, although it varies based on edition.
Please nominate one of the individuals responsible for bringing this product or upgrade to market, be they the team leader or lead developer or engineer:Matthew Glickman, VP of Product
The disruptive potential of Data Sharehouse is the reason Matthew decided to leave financial services after 20+ years and join Snowflake to run the product team. Having seen the frailty and wasted manpower reconstructing datasets day in and day out at Goldman Sachs, Matthew set his sight on getting this feature to market. He led the Snowflake product team in strong collaboration with the Snowflake engineering team on the groundbreaking journey of getting this product to market with pioneering customers leading the way.

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