2017 Tech Innovators Databank

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FireEye Helix

Editor's Choice Winner -- Security


Address1440 McCarthy Boulevard
Milpitas, CA
Top ExecutiveKevin Mandia
Chief Executive Officer
Please briefly describe the product, its functionality and its target market:FireEye Helix is an end-to-end security operations platform designed by practitioners to elevate security operations. FireEye Helix combines FireEye's leading network, endpoint, log & analytics, and email security products, third-party solutions, and nation-grade intelligence from Mandiant to detect more real threats, expedite remediation, and reduce costs. FireEye Helix helps organizations safeguard all major threat vectors in real time and enables them to minimize the impact of breaches by prioritizing alerts, scoping the scale of response, and accelerating response. With FireEye Helix, organizations of all sizes get proven, signature-less, real-time prevention, detection, response, and remediation capabilities against all threats.
What makes your product innovative?FireEye Helix is the foundation upon which any organization can integrate its security program, designed to be delivered everywhere at the speed of software. The Helix platform acts as the mission control for the security operations center (SOC). It unleashes the potential of organization's security through deep integration of FireEye products with existing 3rd-party solutions. Upon aggregating log data, FireEye Helix applies intelligence and analytics, automation, and orchestration features to provide additional context and visibility that helps organizations regain control of their security operations from attackers. Helix simplifies every step of security operations by providing mission control for each of the major SOC use case including: alert management, search, case management, investigations and reporting. And with our leading frontline intelligence, Helix helps organizations of all sizes outmaneuver the adapting adversaries by providing context and shifting the focus of security teams from constant alert validation to proactive hunting.
Date Introduced11/1/16
Date Shipping3/1/17
Is this product sold by or delivered through solution providers, systems integrators, VARs or other channel partners in North America?Yes
Why is this product important to your channel partners?In a market known for complexity and lack of integration, FireEye Helix provides our channel partners a holistic, scalable, end-to-end security solution. FireEye Helix allows even the smallest companies to gain access to advanced cyber security capabilities without having to invest heavily in numerous technologies or hiring additional talent. In addition, FireEye Helix operates as the heart of security operations, allowing our partners to easily integrate and enhance future security investments of their customers. Such a holistic approach to cybersecurity establishes long-lasting relationships with customers as their needs and challenges continue to evolve.
How many North American channel partners are currently offering this product for sale?Do Not Wish to Disclose
Do channel partners need specific prerequisites, program memberships, badges, training or certification to sell this product?There are no prerequisites to sell FireEye Helix; it is an open distribution product. However, FireEye always recommends partners leverage our free product and technical certification training offered through a Partner Learning Management Platform.
Is this product sold through North American distributors?Yes, FireEye Helix is sold through three North American Distributors: Westcon, Ingram Micro, and Carahsoft.
List PriceDo Not Wish to Disclose
Per year
Please nominate one of the individuals responsible for bringing this product or upgrade to market, be they the team leader or lead developer or engineer:Swarup Selvaraman, Director Senior Product Portfolio
Swarup Selvaraman is the Senior Director of Product Portfolio and is a part of the team that defines the Helix platform and key capabilities based on assessing needs of the overall market. He works with product engineering and marketing teams to ensure the product stays ahead of the changing market requirements, as well as addressing new threat types that continue to emerge in the world. A key focus is to ensure that Helix provides value to customers and gives FireEye channels solutions they require to help them address customer needs and build their business, all while protecting customers’ valuable assets.

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