2013 Best States To Start A Solution Provider Business

Our annual ranking of the best states to start a solution provider business.

Top 10 11-20 21-30 31-40 Bottom 10 Reset
Employment Costs: Top 5 | Bottom 5
Workforce Education: Top 5 | Bottom 5
Taxes And Regulation: Top 5 | Bottom 5
Innovation And Growth: Top 5 | Bottom 5
Business Opportunity: Top 5 | Bottom 5
Quality of Life/Cost Of Living: Top 5 | Bottom 5
CRN has undertaken a detailed analysis of the business climate in all 50 states. For more on our approach, see Map It Out. Click on a state for state-specific details.

States by Overall Rank:

1: Utah
2: Virginia
3: Colorado
4: Washington
5: Maryland
6: Arizona
7: California
8: Georgia
9: Massachusetts
10: Oregon
11: Texas
12: North Carolina
13: New York
14: Minnesota
15: New Jersey
16: Florida
17: Michigan
18: Delaware
19: Illinois
20: Missouri
21: Connecticut
22: Ohio
23: Pennsylvania
24: Idaho
25: New Hampshire
26: Kansas
27: Wisconsin
28: North Dakota
29: Nevada
30: Nebraska
31: Indiana
32: Vermont
33: Tennessee
34: Alabama
35: Iowa
36: Oklahoma
37: Alaska
38: South Carolina
39: Louisiana
40: New Mexico
41: Montana
42: Rhode Island
43: Kentucky
44: Maine
45: South Dakota
46: Mississippi
47: Arkansas
48: Wyoming
49: Hawaii
50: West Virginia


It's Your Move: The Best States To Start Or Expand A Solution Provider Business

There are so many factors entrepreneurs need to consider when deciding where to start or expand a business. CRN's detailed analysis and an interactive map of the business climate in all 50 states reveals what makes some states better -- and worse -- than others.

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Methodology: Behind The Research

CRN's first annual Best States report is a compilation of 37 measures, which are weighted based on the importance solution providers assigned to them in an exclusive CRN survey.

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