Documentum Eases Collaboration For Project Teams

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Employee collaboration can often be challenging, especially if members of a project development team are located in different rooms, offices, branches
or countries. Documentum's 7 is a collaboration suite that simplifies the process by bringing together team members, no matter how far apart they are.

Integrators and users can view all projects, issues and status with 7. is suitable for any midsize business that needs a simple hosted collaboration solution. The service contains basic project management features, Web conferencing, search features, user-awareness capability and messaging.

Since is Web-based, distributed project teams can easily connect inside or outside of their organization regardless of location. Plus, because the solution is hosted, companies don't need to worry about their IT infrastructure support, backup, security or even downtime.

Users collaborate in an SSL-enabled workspace and are required to log in with a unique user ID and password. After logging in, users are connected to a My eRoom page, which shows all of the eRooms accessible to them. The collaboration rooms can be organized by project or area of interest. Active projects are listed in a separate pane. The active project list is customizable, and has preconfigured workflow templates that place project files in a specific sequence. When users enter, they have the option to follow the workflow created in a template, which speeds the setup process and enhances productivity. Integrators can view all projects and project issues using the suite's management features. By selecting an issue in the management pane, integrators and users can get a quick overview of the project's status.

Solution providers can add banners to the top of every pane and can add their own customer-centric pages. Documentum offers a hosted server solution for solution providers that requires some integration with a customer's systems. By choosing to sell this option, solution providers can control all of's features, which affords them plenty of ongoing revenue opportunities.

Since version 7 of the software can also be a complete self-service application, end users can also register and start a community from scratch. Users can create their own passwords, enter their own billing information, specify the number of visitors and perform project administration.

Solution providers and users can create customized, business-specific templates to change the look and feel of the environment, such as adding a company logo. Integrators can also set up a jump page from their Web sites or point to a specific URL as a customized entry point into In addition, pop-ups can be presented to target a specific audience.

Documentum's channel program offers solution providers the choice of a reseller sales option and a referral option, and revenue opportunities abound in each program. The company offers special pricing options in competitive situations, and billing is managed internally by the company. Resellers are able to set their own price for their customers. A percentage of revenue is shared based on business volume.

Both the solution provider program and the referral program require a $5,000-per-year fee, which covers monthly reports, custom pages, co-branded eRooms and six months of usage for 10 users. Fees will be waived for solution providers generating more than $24,000 per year.

Pricing for is based on the number of users and is charged on a monthly fee basis. Monthly fees can range from $999 for 25 users up to $7,499 for 500 users. Documentum also charges a one-time fee per user when a project is created, which is included in the $5,000-per-year fee. Within a project, many eRooms can be created, all of which are covered by the fee. The company does not offer a fixed average margin because its pricing is so varied and because solution providers can set their own pricing.

COMPANY: Documentum
Pleasanton, Calif.
(925) 600-6800
DISTRIBUTORS: Direct from vendor

Note: Vendors can earn up to five stars for technical merit and five for their channel program. If the average of these two scores is four stars or greater, the product earns CRN Test Center Recommended status.

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