ISYS:web 6.0

The engine can find and view information in multiple formats, including documents, e-mail, PDF, databases, spreadsheets and more, even if the original application is no longer installed on the machine performing the search. The ISYS engine acts as a gateway between various data sources and the Web. The engine allows developers to define their own variables to filter and control content.

ISYS:web 6.0 scales easily for a single user or large enterprises. The engine uses natural language, Boolean, phrase matching and proximity query ability, and a built-in thesaurus.

Full product name: ISYS:web 6.0
Company: ISYS Search Software Inc.
Price: starts at $25,000
Distributors/Integrators: Access Data, Integra Information Technologies, Minolta Business Systems, Software House International (SHI), Software Plus
Authorization requirements: None
Location: Denver, Colo.
Phone: (800) 992-4797

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