Logitech Premium Desktop Optical

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Sold in bulk exclusively through the channel, Logitech's Premium Desktop Optical is well suited for the security-minded enterprise. While the wireless mouse provides ergonomic freedom of motion, the wired keyboard prevents interception of passwords and other sensitive data that would be transmitted by a wireless alternative. It also prevents the less-likely keyboard spoofing to break into sensitive systems.

The bundle is the only one of it's kind to include the transceiver in the keyboard. That allows the keyboard to display the status of the caps lock, num lock and scroll lock keys instead of forcing the user to take an non-intuitive glance at a transceiver located elsewhere. The lack of a separate transceiver also reduces desktop clutter.

A wired keyboard naturally eliminates the need for keyboard batteries, reducing the likelihood and severity of access problems.

> Logitech Premium Desktop Optical
COMPANY: Logitech
Fremont, CA
DISTRIBUTORS: Ingram, Tech Data, D&H, PMI
PRICE: $184 per 5-pack
WARRANTY: 3 years

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