OctiV Clear Call

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Clear Call Enhances Conference Call Clarity And Normalizes Volume

Conference calls are often a frustrating experience for businesses, as conference phones are unable to deliver consistent volume. Depending on attendees' locations and their distance from their phone, volume and clarity can vary considerably.

OctiV's Clear Call is a volume-matching accessory that plugs directly into conference phones, and automatically normalizes volume among individual callers, no matter how many are on the call. Using multi-band dynamics processing, Clear Call adjusts audio signals to correct the loudness of each speaker's voice. This process takes place with no noticeable delay. The device even works when more than one person speaks at the same time.

Clear Call is compatible with all analog conference phones including Olympia, Nexus, Polycom and Voice Center. OctiV will release a version compatible with digital conference phones when the technology is more widely available. Clear Call is priced at $249.99. --Sharon Linsenbach

Product Name: Clear Call
Company Name: OctiV
Price: $249.99
Warranty: 1 year
Authorization requirements: None
Distributors: DAS, GBH, Hello Direct, Review Video, T2 Supply
Berkeley, Calif.
(510) 280-5000

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