Review: Dell's Heavy-Duty Precision 3510 Laptop For Professionals

The first thing to know about the Dell Precision 3510 laptop is that, as we say in Boston, it’s wicked heavy.

That means it's not great for users on the go, but it offers just about everything a professional working in an office setting needs.

Let's start with the display. It’s terrific -- and huge. It measures 15 inches but the bezel is minimal, and the resolution is super sharp. We dimmed the brightness a bit because the 100 percent brightness was almost blinding.

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The laptop comes with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM. We were impressed with its speed, particularly when surfing the web.

Combined with the touch screen and a trackpad that worked very well — much better than on another Dell laptop we tried recently — we feel like the Precision 3510 is a machine that can help us get a lot more done than on most other laptops we’ve tried. The keyboard is excellent and fairly quiet, too.

But the 5-pound weight of the laptop does bring it down in our book, and it also heats up quickly -- meaning this laptop isn't great for actually using on your lap.

However, for professionals working behind a desk all day, the Dell Precision 3510 is a smart choice with a price tag of $1,867.