Review: TelyHD Pro Is a Capable, Self-Contained Skype Appliance For SMBs

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The TelyHD Pro came with a detailed quick-start guide, but we never needed it. When configuring the network, the unit detected and attached to our Wi-Fi network without a hitch (there's also a 10/100 Ethernet port), presenting a soft keyboard for entering the password. The small remote made quick work of entering our Skype credentials using one thumb. To test the unit, we initiated several calls to people in our Skype contact list and evaluated the quality of the picture and sound as well as in-call operations and settings.

The default layout puts the far-end 720p picture in the left two-thirds of the screen and splits the right third between the near-end picture and an illustration of the remote control indicating its menu key. We preferred the full-screen view of the far end with near-end inset. There's also a far-end-only view. The embedded software permits groups of Skype contacts to be stored and called at once for group calls through the company's telyCloud group conferencing and content-sharing service, which is included for a year. It supports groups of as many as six. When displaying a group prior to a call, each member's presence is shown. During a call, each of as many as six participants are shown in small windows and the person speaking is enlarged and highlighted. People not present at the start of the call are highlighted in red and drop from view after a moment. There's also a built-in contact card for connecting to BlueJeans meetings.

The TelyHD Pro camera offers a 68-degree field of view and a 5X digital zoom with pan and tilt. Operation of these modes is quite slow, and when zoomed to its maximum setting the picture is quite grainy. We also found it odd that when setting any of the four embedded ringtones for Skype, the selected tone continues to ring until the screen is exited. An alert pops up (with optional sound notification) whenever a contact goes on- or off-line; a corner of the screen dog-ears when Skype has an IM.

The TelyLabs appliance also includes an embedded Web browser that works with any standard keyboard and mouse that's connected to its USB 2.0 port. The browser was a bit slow in tests (over Wi-Fi) but would be adequate if no laptops are available. Mac and Windows machines can use a free app to project content wirelessly to the TelyHD Pro. Also included with our test unit was a Jabra USB speakerphone with 15-foot USB 2.0 extension cable, a $125 option. The system worked well with and without this option.

With the TelyHD Pro, TelyLabs proves that a dedicated teleconferencing system doesn't have to be expensive or complicated to offer a relatively full set of features. For the small business or department seeking a low-cost, self-contained videoconferencing and sharing appliance that works with Skype, the CRN Test Center recommends the TelyHD Pro from Tely Labs.


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