CRN Test Center Storage Week 2013

The CRN Test Center presents Storage Week, a look at the latest and greatest in data storage products, including NAS, SAN, SSD, solid state drive and cloud storage.

Welcome to Storage Week, the CRN Test Center's wall-to-wall coverage of the latest information about storage drives, devices and apps for the enterprise and consumer markets. Storage Week will include five days of slideshows, videos, reviews and special reports, all designed to bring you solid intel from the storage world.

Storage Week, NAS

Software-Defined Storage: Separating The Reality From The Hype

Software-defined storage is quickly catching on as a top technology trend in the storage industry, but the exact meaning of the term, and indeed whether it represents a new paradigm or just another marketing buzzword, is the subject of hot debate.

Storage Week, NAS

Three Wise NASes

Storage Week kicks off by reviewing a trio of network-attached storage devices, each with something special to offer. Seagate's latest NAS offers many wireless pluses, while Iomega and D-Link lines provide simplicity, cloud features and good solid value. What NAS device best fits your needs?:

Seagate Wireless Plus
Iomega StorCenter
D-Link ShareCenter DNS-325


Storage Week, NAS

Storage Week: Network Attached Devices

Want to see these NAS devices in action? Watch the CRN Test Center review each of these small business units.

Storage Week, cloud storage

10 Must-Have Apps For Cloud Storage

The CRN Test Center has looked at dozens of cloud-based storage solutions. Here are 10 of our favorites:

Bitcasa Infinite Drive
SugarSync Manager
Google Drive


Storage Week, NAS

Storage Week: 10 Cloud-based Storage Apps

With so many cloud-based storage solutions to choose from, get a closer look at the apps we reviewed to see what best fits your needs for storing data in the cloud.

Storage Week, SSD

Choosing The Right SSD For The Data Center

Can't tell one solid-state drive from another? Here we evaluate five SSDs that recently hit the market, sizing up their place in the enterprise:

Kingston SSD Now E100
Intel S3700 Series
Micron Enterprise SSD P400m
Samsung 840 Pro Series


Storage Week, DataHarbor, data backup

Review: DataHarbor Offers Cloud-Free Secure Backup

Do you need a cost-effective backup solution but are still a little weary about the security of storing data in the cloud? Check out the CRN Test Center's review of DataHarbor, a secure data backup and restore solution with not a cloud in sight.