VAR Pranks Apple's Flagship Store

After months of anticipation, Apple opened the doors of its flagship retail store on Thursday, May 15, 2008.

The three-story glass-fronted building, which until recently had been hidden behind a wall modeled after Fenway Park's famed "Green Monster," has two floors of iPhones, Macs and iPods and a third-floor Genius Bar.

Yet, right around the corner on Boston's shopping thoroughfare Newbury Street sits Apple reseller Tech Superpowers storefront.

Tech Superpowers President Michael Oh and staffers set up a Webcam that watched the construction of the Apple store out their back window.

Yet, before the building was finished, Tech Superpowers decided to play a prank on its benefactor, Apple.

Remember when a Red Sox fan somehow managed to get a Sox jersey into the foundation of the new Yankees' Stadium, maddening thousands of petulant New Yorkers?

Tech Superpowers decided to emulate this proud Red Sox fan tradition, using a shirt of its own.

Michael Oh snuck out of his shop, very... very... quietly...

And carefully folded the Tech Superpowers t-shirt on the ground outside of the Apple store where the sidewalk was being laid...

Where his construction worker accomplices happily nestled the shirt in the concrete in front of the store, forever keeping Tech Superpowers close to Apple's heart.

Moral of the story?

Be nice to people from Boston. They're wily.

Back at Tech Superpowers, the team now stares out the window at the back of the new Apple store. Watching and waiting.