13 Fast Growth Government VARs

Two-Year Growth Rate: 528.71 percent

2007 Net Sales: $228.97 million

Carahsoft Technology is a government IT solutions provider that melds technological expertise with a thorough understanding of the government procurement process. It aims to provide federal, state and local government agencies with the best solution at the best possible value. Increasingly, those solutions are becoming more environmentally friendly. The company recently partnered with Verdiem, a developer of power management software for PC networks. The companies will jointly market Verdiem's Surveyor technology to federal agencies, helping them address Executive Order 13423 by cutting required power for their PC networks by as much as 60 percent. and#91;read moreand#93;

Two-Year Growth Rate: 368.26 percent

2007 Net Sales: $26.69 million

Security is the cornerstone of Acuity Solutions' business. Using it as a foundation, the company has built up its services to include network optimization and high-performance networking, as well as secure remote access. The company saw strong growth in services surrounding compliance and mediation. In addition, Acuity built its business around typically "recession resistant" sectors, such as commercial enterprise, state and local government, and federal government. and#91;read moreand#93;

Two-Year Growth Rate: 331.49 percent

2007 Net Sales: $21.37 million

RightStar, which specializes in service-desk management, is looking for possible acquisitions. But for now, the company relies on its strong relationship with BMC Software and a workforce heavily tilted toward the sales and marketing side for its growing success: Of RightStar's 40 employees, eight are business development salespeople, two are internal salespeople and one is a full-time marketing person. and#91;read moreand#93;

Two-Year Growth Rate: 136.50 percent

2007 Net Sales: $221,465,065

immixGroup is a reseller. The company follows a product fulfillment- based business model, and includes corporate reseller, retail, direct market reseller, and eTailer expertise. Less than 10 percent of revenue comes from services.

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Two-Year Growth Rate: 132.90 percent

2007 Net Sales: $9,938,834

22nd Century Technologies is an IT Consultant -- revenues come mostly from design and planning-based consulting with a mix of IT and business consulting. Value comes from ability to integrate and support technologies and help choose product and brand.

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Two-Year Growth Rate: 99.50 percent

2007 Net Sales: $187,358,800

Intelligent Decisions (ID) provides innovative and comprehensive professional services and product solutions to the federal government and Fortune 1000 customers. Headquartered in Ashburn, Va., ID also offers a broad range of IT services, software, hardware and manufacturing solutions.

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Two-Year Growth Rate: 91.20 percent

2007 Net Sales: $51,544,400

Sword and Shield Enterprise Security is an information security consulting company. The company provides security solutions with enterprise-wide protection to reduce the security risks posed against organizations. Consulting services are available to assist with all aspects of the security life-cycle: planning, specification, design, installation, deployment, integration, operations, support, testing, policy development and compliance reporting. For the federal government the company holds a GSA Schedule 70 and is a prime contractor for SEWP IV. and#91;read moreand#93;

Two-Year Growth Rate: 81.90 percent

2007 Net Sales: $24,432,325

VoIP Supply is a leading supplier of VoIP hardware solutions in North America. and#91;read moreand#93;

Two-Year Growth Rate: 73.50 percent

2007 Net Sales: $11,998,108

Convergence Technology Consulting is a systems engineering consulting company founded in 2002 by engineers. The company prides itself on designing and delivering projects that genuinely meet the customer's needs. The company has many long-term engagements with customers and a high customer retention rate.

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Two-Year Growth Rate: 69.60 percent

2007 Net Sales: $7,139,809

eAccess has grown into one of the nation's leading value-added resellers of wireless data products, providing mobile solutions to more than 250,000 customer accounts worldwide and has a nationwide network of over 60 agents and subdealers. The company supplies wireless data devices, services and consulting expertise to 53 percent of the Fortune 100 and 62 percent of the AmLaw 100, as well as a wide array of corporations, government, educational institutions and small businesses. and#91;read moreand#93;

Two-Year Growth Rate: 66.10 percent

2007 Net Sales: $12,587,003

Juma Technology is a systems integration firm specializing in voice and data convergence. and#91;read moreand#93;

Two-Year Growth Rate: 59.40 percent

2007 Net Sales: $80,646,049

Sterling Computers delivers a broad footprint of technologies and solutions to several different verticals with no specific end customer focus. and#91;read moreand#93;

Two-Year Growth Rate: 52.20 percent

2007 Net Sales: $137,707,445

SIGMAnet is a value-added reseller delivering measureable results for our customers in Advanced Technology Solutions, IT Lifecycle Services, and Managed Print Services. In our role as a trusted advisor we focus on business intelligence to address IT requirements. We partner with industry leading manufacturers and utilize their hardware and software products as we prepare, plan, develop, design, implement, and manage our customer's IT infrastructure. Working together in a collaborative environment with our customers, we chart a technology roadmap that delivers what is paramount to our customers: Business Enablement. and#91;read moreand#93;