On The Go: A First Look At Microsoft Office Mobile 2010

I'm Going Mobile

For a lot of us, our offices are in our pockets. We’re not tethered to a desk. We do our work on our smartphones. With that in mind, Microsoft outfitted Office 2010 with a host of options for the mobile moguls, road warriors and those on the go armed with Windows smartphones.

The new mobilized versions of familiar Microsoft applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, help users work more efficiently on touch-screen devices with added gesture support and navigation capabilities; ease information sharing from the smartphone to the apps; and help users view, edit and manage files using the same formatting and productivity tools as the desktop versions.

Office Mobile 2010 also now lets users work offline, then sync back with documents via SharePoint Server 2010 when reconnected. Office Mobile 2010 also lets uses sync e-mail accounts through Outlook Mobile 2010.

Excel Mobile

Excel Mobile lets users create, update and recalculate workbooks and add or edit formulas with more than 100 functions. Cells can be formatted for font styles, borders, shading, alignment and others, while customer number formats can also be created. Charts or symbols can be inserted. Additionally, the Fill feature can be used to Autofill a range of cells with a series like days of the week, months or numeric intervals for value population. Workbooks can be managed easily with multiple worksheets and Mobile Excel lets users rename, add or delete.

OneNote Mobile

The mobile version of Microsoft OneNote in Office Mobile 2010 gives users the ability to take notes on a smartphone with ease and insert video clips, pictures and make lists. Photos can be added using the device’s camera. OneNote Mobile also adds AutoCorrect and other authoring functions like bullets and numbering and font formatting. Users can also pan and zoom on graphics in notes or export images to be used in other applications.

Outlook Mobile

Office 2010 unlocks mobile e-mail via Outlook Mobile. When connected with Exchange Server 2010, Outlook Mobile offers the new Conversation View to reduce the inbox clutter and ease e-mail management, letting users view only the most recent message in a discussion or move, flag for follow up or delete entire conversations in just a few taps.

Outlook mobile uses smart filtering to locate message and contacts by typing a few characters and results display automatically. AutoCorrect and spell check, along with additional authoring capabilities are included and frequently-used text snippets (either built in or customized) help with speedier e-mails. And for those without time to type an e-mail: Outlook Mobile 2010 enables users to record a voice note directly in a message and create an attachment.

Outlook Mobile Visual Voicemail

New technology in Outlook Mobile and Exchange Server 2010 adds a voice-to-text preview of a recorded voice message, which is automatically sent into an inbox with the voicemail recording.

Outlook Mobile Visual Voicemail

Outlook Mobile 2010 also offers a full transcript of the voicemail.

PowerPoint Mobile

PowerPoint Mobile, part of Office Mobile 2010, lets users save and edit presentations, including notes, on a Windows phone. Presentations can be viewed in full-screen with graphics and PowerPoint Mobile 2010 adds more support for slide transitions and animations.

PowerPoint Mobile Slide Manager

A new Slide Manager option in PowerPoint Mobile 2010 gives a quick overview of the presentation for viewing, editing, deleting or hiding any slide. Playback options let users loop presentations or suppress slide animation, transition and automatic timings. PowerPoint Mobile 2010 also lets users display and review Custom Shows stored in the presentation and zoom in and pan away on slides.

PowerPoint Mobile

Here’s how PowerPoint Mobile looks viewed on a smartphone.

SharePoint Workspace Mobile

A new application in Office Mobile 2010, SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010, lets users take SharePoint files on the go. Users can browse SharePoint sites, document libraries and other lists from their smartphone. They can also open Office for viewing and editing in Word Mobile, Excel Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile, and changes will save back to the server.

Links to shared documents can be sent to colleagues via e-mail or text message from within the SharePoint Workspace Mobile application. Additionally, documents can be synced on a smartphone with a single touch using SharePoint. Users can also pin document libraries and lists to access them while important documents can be kept on the phone for quick access.

Word Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 also updates Word Mobile. The mobile version of Word preserves traditional and essential capabilities like font formatting, bullets, numbering, alignment and indents; the ability to find and replace text; AutoCorrect and spell check; and word and character counts.