10 Emerging Infrastructure Software Vendors You Need To Know

New Faces In the Infrastructure Software Space

While the infrastructure software industry may be mature, that doesn’t mean it’s static. New companies are always entering the market with targeted products to address the needs created by such trends as cloud computing: A new generation of application management tools are needed to manage today’s Software-as-a-Service applications, for example. Even the operating system software space is being shaken up.

Check out our list of emerging vendors in the infrastructure software space that the channel needs to know.


AccelOps offers integrated data center and cloud service monitoring software delivered as a scalable virtual appliance or on a Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) basis. The AccelOps platform cross-correlates and manages diverse operational data.


Boston-based Akiban is developing database virtualization technology that will make it possible to scale up maxed-out relational database systems in virtualized or cloud-computing environments by ’breaking through the SQL scalability barrier,’ according to its Web site.


AppDynamics’ namesake toolset offers real-time visibility into distributed applications’ performance. It monitors applications running in cloud, virtual and physical/ on-premise environments and the network connections between applications, and it provides diagnostics.


Founded in 2007, Nashua, N.H.-based AutoVirt’s software platform is designed for NAS and the cloud, moving data to the right place based on how it’s being used, and helping to minimize the costs of securing and backing up that data.


Egenera provides converged infrastructure management software that virtualizes servers, I/O and networks into pools of scalable resources that can be quickly and dynamically provisioned for integrated high availability and disaster recovery services.


Eucalyptus offers open-source cloud computing infrastructure software that gives businesses the ability to build their own cloud computing environments, getting the most out of their compute capacity to boost productivity, deploy new apps and protect sensitive data.


NephoScale’s Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) technology includes cloud servers, on-demand dedicated services and object-based cloud storage powered by its own programmatic interface, called CloudScript, to give users management capabilities.


San Jose, Calif.-based Skydera launched its centralized platform in 2010 for managing multiple cloud environments via a single interface from which users can manage servers, deploy applications, control user access, track usage and centralize billing.


Talend provides open-source middleware software, including data integration, data quality management and master data management software. Talend expanded into the application integration arena by debuting an open-source enterprise service bus software product.


Veeam develops tools for monitoring and managing IT in virtualized environments. A close ally of VMware, Veeam offers a line of products for VMware management chores. The vendor also supports Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization software.