10 Hot New Agile Development Software Products

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Still Agile At 10

It's been 10 years since the signing of the Agile Manifesto, the document created at a 2001 meeting of leading software developers at Snowbird, Utah, that gave rise to the Agile movement that has revolutionized software development. Agile, for the uninitiated, is a set of software development methodologies based on iterative and incremental development where software requirements and projects evolve through collaboration between cross-functional teams.

Last week the Agile2011 conference in Salt Lake City demonstrated just how far that movement has come, both from a community perspective and in terms of technology advancements.

At the conference some of the leading software vendors in the Agile arena unveiled their latest tools and technologies for developers. In keeping with Agile's 10th anniversary, here's what we think were the 10 hottest Agile development software products to make their debut.

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