16 Scenes From The Microsoft Build Conference

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New Product Lineup

Even more exciting for developers than Windows 8 was the free Samsung tablet computers Microsoft gave to every Build attendee. The line for the giveaway at the end of the first day's sessions stretched for much of the length of the Anaheim Convention Center.

The computer, a prototype based on the Samsung Series 7 Slate, was jointly developed with Microsoft and came loaded with a developer's preview version of the operating system. It uses a 2nd generation Intel Core i5 microprocessor, has 4 GB of memory and 64 GB of solid-state disk, and uses an 11.6-diagonal Samsung Super PLS display. Microsoft included one year of AT&T 3G service with the giveaway.

After demonstrating the device in a keynote, Michael Angiulo, corporate vice president of Windows planning and ecosystem, said to wild applause: "I've been told it's impolite not to share, so I've got 5,000 in a warehouse nearby."

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