12 Hot Products To See At Oracle OpenWorld 2011

What's At Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Let's face it, getting around Oracle OpenWorld isn't easy. Getting in and out of the keynotes and sessions, moving between Moscone North, South and West, finding your way around the exhibition floors -- even squeezing in time to eat -- isn't easy. Not when you're doing all that along with more than 45,000 other attendees.

So we've done a little pre-OOW legwork and identified a dozen new hardware and software products that we think are worth checking out. With close to 450 partner exhibits at the show, there are bound to be some unexpected surprises on the expo show floor. But this list should give you a start in making your "gotta see" list.

Attunity Replicate

Data integration software developer Attunity will be demonstrating Attunity Replicate, the company's new high-performance data replication software.

Attunity Replicate will compete with replication products from Oracle, IBM and Informatica. The new product is less complex and less expensive than competitors, said Itamar Ankorion, Attunity business development and corporate strategy vice president, and "dramatically simplifies data replication."

Attunity Replicate will support Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 databases, as well as replicate data stored in file systems.

Attunity is in booth #3728 in the Moscone West Hall.

ExtraHop Networks

ExtraHop Networks will be demonstrating its network-based application performance monitoring system for trouble-shooting and proactively managing Oracle-dependent applications. In addition to passively monitoring Oracle databases, the product helps ensure optimal performance across network, Web, middleware and storage tiers of an application network, according to the company.

ExtraHop Networks will be in booth #841 in the Moscone South Hall.

Image Integration Systems DocuSphere All-In-One

Image Integration Systems will be demonstrating its new DocuSphere All-in-One for Oracle E-Business Suite Accounts Payable, a package of process management and integration software for automating accounts payable processes.

Tailored for the Oracle E-Business Suite Accounts Payable application, DocuSphere provides a way to automate accounts payable processing with standard, yet configurable processes for purchase order- and non-purchase order-based invoice processing.

Using the product, businesses can lower accounts payable transaction costs, reduce risk, and improve process efficiency, visibility and management control, according to the company.

Image Integration Systems is in booth #3736 in the Moscone West Hall.

Imperva SecureSphere For SharePoint

Imperva will announce the availability of its SecureSphere for SharePoint software for securing sensitive data stored in Microsoft's SharePoint Web applications and collaboration platform. Part of the Imperva data security suite, SecureShere is designed for SharePoint's unique file, Web and database infrastructure.

The software provides access rights visibility, as well as audit trails and policy control, according to Imperva. It helps identify and archive or delete unused, aging data and offers a way to identify data owners. And it protects SharePoint against online security threats such as SQL injection and limits access to SharePoint's Microsoft SQL database to users with legitimate data usage.

Imperva will be in booth #3408 in the Moscone West Hall.

Kaminario K2

Kaminario will be showing off its new Kaminario K2 hybrid line of solid-state SAN storage systems that offer a choice of DRAM, Flash or a DRAM-Flash combination. The products are designed for environments that require high performance, high availability and low latency.

The product line includes the K2-D with DRAM media for write-intensive and latency-sensitive workloads such as transaction processing, the K2-F with Flash media for read-intensive workloads such as analytics, and K2-H with both DRAM and Flash for mixed read and write workloads.

Kaminario is in booth #4024 in the Moscone West Hall.

Lansa Data Sync Direct Version 6.7

Lansa will unveil a new release of its Lansa Data Sync Direct global data synchronization software. Version 6.7 offers significant increases in functionality and performance through a number of productivity enhancements.

The new release has a new catalog feature for creating and managing Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) within catalogs, new GTIN searches by attribute and catalog, and an enhanced dashboard with user-specific key activities. Version 6.7 also can send and receive product information via Global Data Synchronization Network-certified data pools, EDI, XML and other data formats via multiple transportation protocols or product portals.

Lansa will be in booth #4036 in the Moscone West Hall.

Liferay Portal 6.1

Liferay will be demonstrating Liferay Portal 6.1, the newest version of the company's flagship portal product in booth #110 in the Moscone South Hall.

Highlights of the new release include new document management features, enhanced publishing and site management capabilities, improved scalability, support for the OpenSocial 1.1 standard, and new business user tools including data lists, Web forms and workflows.

Liferay also will be showing the developer community release of its new Liferay Marketplace software.

MicroStrategy Cloud Personal

MicroStrategy will be demonstrating the public beta release of its new MicroStrategy Cloud Personal, a free SaaS-based business intelligence service. With the service anyone can upload data to the MicroStrategy Cloud system, analyze it and share the results with others.

The software combines elements of MicroStrategy Cloud, MicroStrategy Visual Insight and MicroStrategy Mobile to help users view and share dashboards (such as the inventory profile dashboard at left) through the web or via an Apple iPad.

MicroStrategy will be in Booth #2329 in the Moscone South Hall.

Pure Storage

Pure Storage will be demonstrating the new Pure Storage FlashArray FA-300 Series solid-state flash storage array. The system, which can scale to hundreds of terabyes within a single array, incorporates multi-level cell flash technology and offers an active/active high-availability architecture.

The product's Purity Operating Environment software implements RAID 3-level specifications to protect against system failure. At a conservative 5:1 data reduction ratio, the cost of the system is below $5/gigabyte of data.

Pure Storage will be in booth #1033 in the Moscone South Hall.

Quest Toad 11 for Oracle and Quest Toad for Data Analysis 3.0

Quest will be unveiling new releases of its popular Toad database development and administration tools. Quest will be in booth #1421 in the Moscone South Hall.

Toad for Oracle 11 (seen at left) provides a new code analysis feature for applying code review rules according to severity level, and enhancements to the database health check feature for managing the status of multiple databases.

The new edition of Toad for Data Analysts provides more automation of manual, time-intensive data query and reporting tasks. And the Professional with Analytics Edition incorporates a repository of new data analytical functions for predictive modeling and data mining.

Seeburger Managed File Transfer Suite

Seeburger will announce that its Managed File Transfer software now offers the ability to securely exchange large and/or sensitive files between Oracle applications, including Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel and Retek applications.

Use of the "SEE MFT" software helps companies exercise central control, governance and compliance over file transfers that exceed e-mail attachment limits, or that cannot be adequately safeguarded and monitored using FTP or file-transfer services such as YouSendIt and Dropbox.

Seeberger is in booth #2625 in the Moscone South Hall.

Violin Memory

Violin Memory will be showing off the new Violin 6000 Series flash memory array the company is touting as a critical element for building the "all-silicon data center."

Designed for primary data storage tasks, the mission-critical Violin 6000 offers an 80 percent reduction in cost per input/output operations per second compared to disk arrays and a 15:1 data consolidation ratio over disk systems, according to the company. Models based on single-level cell flash technology support 16 terabytes of data per array while those based on multi-level cell flash technology support 32 terabytes per array.

Violin also will be showing the Violin 3220, an addition to the Violin 3200 line. Violin will be exhibiting in booth #401 in the Moscone South Hall.