10 Hot Products To See At Dreamforce

Cloud Marketing And Sales

At the Dreamforce conference this week in San Francisco, on-demand CRM vendor Salesforce is expected to draw an abundance of companies offering cloud-based business applications that integrate with Salesforce's cloud platform.

Continue on and check out 10 of these hot applications.

CloudCraze Partners With Force.com For E-Commerce

Force.com reseller CloudCraze is bundling a cloud computing platform-as-a-service from Salesforce.com.

CloudCraze can now offer customers of both companies a one-stop shop for cloud-based enterprise e-commerce.

CloudCraze, a reseller of Force.com, the cloud platform of Salesforce, said it will sell IT resources for e-commerce operations as a subscription service.

Xactly Express Uses Games Features To Improve Selling

Sales Performance Management vendor Xactly has added features to its Xactly Express tool that calculates commissions and bonuses and sends notifications via Salesforce Chatter.

The new features of Xactly Express mimic games and include non-cash contests, leader boards, badges, alerts and social notifications, and it can be used by businesses to encourage improved selling techniques and allow sales representatives to compete in contests and gained public recognition for achievement.

These cloud-based features will be available to Express users starting in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Heroku Integrates New Partner Program With Salesforce

Cloud platform-as-a-service and Salesforce.com partner Heroku is unveiling a partner program and directory. The partner directory, integrated with Salesforce.com's AppExchange, helps partners to connect and offer expertise to showcase their applications for end users. The customers can reach more than 100 Heroku partners that specialize in creating and running enterprise applications.

Customers can find trusted partners to get support for their production apps, as well as support from service providers working with Heroku engineers.

SaneBox Helps Salesforce.com Users Target Leads

SaneBox, a Boston, Mass.-based maker of email inbox filtering software, has released a feature designed for Salesforce.com customers that makes messages from Salesforce.com contacts and leads a priority in their inbox.

Along with other SaneBox features, the software ensures that sales leads aren’t overlooked in business email inboxes.

To authenticate the feature, SaneBox users can click the Salesforce button on their SaneBox dashboard.

FirstRain Organizes Sales Information

Business analytics software maker FirstRain released FirstRain Performinator, which organizes information on a company's top customers, the business' information and the markets to which they sell.

FirstRain Performinator is comprised of three modules. The Personal Intelligence Carousel is located on the home page of Salesforce.com, SharePoint or other social enterprise platforms, and it lets sales or marketing workers select, view and share the intelligence on their top customers and markets. The Account Snapshot offers a dynamically generated brief of the companies in the CRM system the customer is using. The Market Landscape module gives a view of companies, markets and competitors related to a client business.

FirstRain's analytics technology integrates with CRM and social enterprise platforms, including Salesforce.com, Chatter, Cisco WebEx Social and Microsoft SharePoint, as well as with Dynamics, Jive and Yammer.

TOA Technologies Apps Optimize Field Service

TOA Technologies released ETAworkforce, a suite of mobile workforce management apps that optimize field service and the customer experience.

TOA Technologies' ETAworkforce is available on Salesforce.com's AppExchange and connects users to a suite of field workforce and customer appointment management tools.

It allows users to capture customer and order details for each appointment. It also gives users the ability to route and schedule appointments against the actual capacity of the workforce in real-time, dynamically track and monitor the progress of appointments, create bi-directional relationships with customers, use the software with any HTML5-enabled mobile device and integrate with Salesforce Chatter.

WealthEngine Database Tools Identify Prospects

WealthEngine, unveiled WealthEngine for Salesforce on Salesforce.com's AppExchange app marketplace.

WealthEngine offers online database tools for users to identify prospects, giving marketing, business development and sales executive professionals targeted information.

WealthEngine uses relational database technology and proprietary analytics to produce comprehensive profiles of prospects. Information on prospects' attributes and other demographic information is integrated into Salesforce CRM and used to identify target customers.

With WealthEngine for Salesforce, clients can connect directly from a specific contact record in Salesforce CRM to a prospect's wealth profile within WealthEngine.

SiSense's Prism 3 BI Software

At Dreamforce, SiSense, a provider of big data analytics, will demonstrate Prism 3, the latest version of the company’s Business Intelligence (BI) product.

Prism 3 allows non-technical users to turn large amounts of data into usable information without scripting or coding. Prism 3 will support Salesforce and Zendesk integration and includes Elastic-IQ, a query engine that optimizes CPU and RAM use.

Prism 3 supports databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Intuit QuickBase; and applications, including Salesforce.com, Zendesk, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheets, and Intuit QuickBooks.

Backupify For Salesforce Secures Sales Data

Backupify launched Backupify for Salesforce on Salesforce.com's AppExchange.

The software provides businesses running Salesforce with a secure and automatic way to back up critical sales and customer data.

Backupify for Salesforce can help companies eliminate manual backup processes and protect data when installing third-party software that requires direct access to Salesforce data.

Cambridge, Mass.-based Backupify is a backup provider for cloud application data, offering an archiving, search and restore solution for online services, including Salesforce, Google Apps, Facebook and Twitter.

Aujas Releases Phishnix For Cloud Services

Aujas Information Risk Services unveiled Phishnix for cloud services, software that helps customers protect data in the cloud by using behavioral analysis.

Phishnix utilizes behavioral analysis of employees when faced with a phishing attack by starting the assessment in a matter of hours and analyzing how employees react to the attack.

The assessment data is used to foster awareness and train workers about how to respond to a phishing attack.

The product is aimed at cloud services from companies such as Salesforce, Google and Netsuite.