12 Hot Tech Startups That Are Getting Funded

Elevator Pitches At Intel Capital Global Summit

The Intel Capital Global Summit, held last week in Huntington Beach, Calif., gave Intel Capital, the investment arm of the processor vendor, a chance to not only show off its investment portfolio but also help those companies drum up more investment, customers and partners.

The Intel Capital portfolio includes companies ranging from startups to profitable companies in nearly every part of the IT industry. Intel has invested $10.7 billion in 1,257 companies since 1991, including $250 million in 45 companies so far this year. Intel has seen 201 of the companies in which it has invested go through an IPO, and another 308 have been involved in a merger or acquisition

Here's a look at the elevator pitches of some of the companies currently in Intel Capital's portfolio, some of which could be the next big thing.

Bromium: Safety In Micro VMs

Gaurav Banga, co-founder and CEO of Bromium, introduced the Cupertino, Calif.-based developer's vSentry technology for developing micro-virtual machines used to isolate customer data from the rest of their infrastructure as a way to prevent attacks on that data via malware.

vSentry offers hardware-level protection of those virtual machines to provide what Banga called an "immune system" to their data.

Bromium's executive team includes two founders of virtualization technology developer Xen, as well as founders of security company McAfee, which was acquired by Intel in 2010.

CareCloud: Healthcare Industry Cloud

CareCloud is the developer of the first modern cloud-based platform for the healthcare industry, said Albert Santalo, president and CEO of the Miami-based company.

CareCloud offers a complete medical practice management platform, including electronic healthcare record management, revenue cycle management and an online social community for medical professionals.

CareCloud is currently in the process of opening its platform up for third-party developers, Santalo said.

Happiest Minds: Analytics

Happiest Minds Technologies provides a system integration layer for integrating analytics, mobility, cloud computing, unified communications and social computing into existing systems, said Vikram Gulati, CEO and managing director of the Bangalore, India-based company.

Security is a big part of that integration, Gulati said.

Happiest Minds' 500 consultants focus on helping business-to-consumer companies use and integrate those technologies, he said.

InfoServer: Security Software Developer

Sao Paolo, Brazil-based InfoServer, develops software for addressing security and manageability issues for systems based on Intel processors, said Marcos Santos, CEO.

The company is a developer of an identity protection technology 3 (IPT 3) security provisioning platform that provides a complete stack of solutions that comply with most known security standards, Santos said.

Included are such capabilities as embedded tokens for security, and transactional signing, and strong authentication, he said.

Iovation: Advanced Device Identification

Greg Pierson, CEO and co-founder of Portland, Ore.-based Iovation, said his company provides technology that protects online businesses from fraud associated with users with devices that have a reputation for fraud or abuse.

Iovation's technology also helps businesses identify new customers while identifying accounts and transactions that could harm an online company's reputation. Business rules associated to a particular user can be customized on the fly, Pierson said.

Since its founding, Iovation has done a total of 8 billion reputation checks and tracked 1 billion devices, resulting in the stopping of 150,000 fraud incidents every day, he said.

IVT: Bluetooth For Healthcare

IVT Corp. develops the BlueSoleil line of Bluetooth and mobile healthcare technologies, including embedded solutions that allow customers to quickly build applications, said Qiang Gao, a manager at the Beijing, China-based company.

For example, an IVT Bluetooth module can be put inside medical equipment to let that equipment act as a gateway for mobile device or to allow cloud connectivity to let doctors and hospitals access data via such devices, Gao said.

Neusoft: Major China-based IT Solution And Service Provider

Shenyang, China-based Neusoft is China's largest IT solution and service provider, with 20,000 employees around the country, said Eric Ma, vice president of business development for Neusoft America.

Neusoft, which was founded in 1991, develops various IT solutions including embedded software in automotive, mobile, set-top box and IT applications, Ma said.

Customers include over 8,000 China-based businesses as well as over 50 businesses outside the country that outsource services to Neusoft, he said.

Pixeon: Brazil Medical Systems Developer

Pixeon Comercio e Desenvolvimento de Software is Brazil's second-largest healthcare IT developer, said Robert Da Cruz, CEO of the Sao Paulo, Brazil-based company.

The company's software, in both client-server and cloud formats, is used in such healthcare applications as lab and radiology information systems, picture archiving and communication system (PACS), and computer-aided diagnostics, Da Cruz said.

Pixeon has over 1,200 customers in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, he said.

Quantum4D: Big Data For Real-time Trend

Quantum4D applies 3-D visualization to a wide spectrum of data from spreadsheets to big data to generate real-time insights to trends, said Mike Warner, CEO and founder of the San Francisco-based company.

Warner called Quantum4D's software the world's first multi-user, multi-interactive way to access complex environments. The software generates and navigates insights from multiple sources to show relationships between the data in real time, and allows users to build websites of charts with little or no coding.

For example, Warner said a customer who sees some random event wipe out his company's US dollar holdings could use the Quantum4D software to search for the cause.

SmartZip: Predictive Marketing

SmartZip leverages big data and analytics to help businesses, particularly in the home service market including real estate agents and insurance companies, find new customers, said Avi Gupta, CEO of the Pleasanton, Calif.

Clients of SmartZip can do passive searches, such as via Google, or active marketing to find potential customers and then use SmartZip to analyze the results to find the 20 percent of those who are most likely to become actual customers, Gupta said.

Total Immersion: Augmented Reality

Paris, France-based Total Immersion uses what CEO and Co-founder Bruno Uzzan called augmented reality to help customers with their marketing efforts.

This includes digital marketing to help engage consumers in rich media experiences, as well as online marketing for businesses like Ray-Ban, a client that uses Total Immersion's technology to let online users "try on" sunglasses before making a purchase, Uzzan said.

Total Immersion is a rare company in the augmented reality business in that it is actually collecting revenue, he said.

Zend: PHP Development For Web, Mobile Apps

Cupertino, Calif.-based Zend Technologies develops applications for customers using the PHP general-purpose scripting language for Web development, said CEO and Co-founder Andi Gutmans.

The company targets business-critical application development, said Gutmans. He said one-third of Web workloads are developed using PHP and that 60 percent of those are business-critical workloads.

Zend delivers on-premise apps and works with partners to develop such apps for cloud-based customers, Gutmans said.

The company most recently launched integration of its technology with VMware, he said.