8 Ways Big Data Will Change Our Lives

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Cars Of The Future

Self-driving cars may seem like something straight out of the Jetson's. But over the next decade, that concept is poised to go from sci-fi to mainstream with the help of big data and other emerging technologies.

According to a presentation published by Vanderbilt University, the next few years will usher in embedded automotive sensors capable of gauging not only how fast you're driving, but how many times you brake, whether you stay in your lane, and where you tend to drive. By storing and analyzing the heaps of data collected by these sensors, cars will essentially be able to drive themselves. These cars of the future will be able to tell if a stop sign is approaching and what the speed limit is. They'll know to break if pedestrians are crossing, or if you fall asleep and drift into another lane.

Google has already showed off prototypes of autonomous cars, and General Motors expects them to be on the road by 2020.

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