8 Ways Big Data Will Change Our Lives

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Improved Customer Service

The customer service space is poised to change dramatically -- and for the better -- with the growth of big data, according to Kathy Juve, chief marketing officer at [24]7, a provider of Internet marketing solutions based in Campbell, Calif.

Juve expects big data to completely transform the way most organizations provide customer service, namely, through the use of predictive analytics and "smart" service solutions that allow them to better understand and interact with their customers.

In a blog post, Juve outlined some of the ways big data is already enabling this change; one [24]7 client, for instance, uses big data to track customer activity on its website. Analytical software allows the customer service team to "know" what a customer is trying to buy, and if that product is available on the site. Using this information, the service team knows to ping only customers that are struggling to find a product on the site -- and to leave the others unbothered.

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