10 Big Data Startups You Shouldn't Overlook

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Splice Machine

Monte Zweben, CEO

Some might argue that the dawn of big data marks the end of relational databases, as organizations flock to new, more flexible data sources -- such as NoSQL databases like MongoDB -- to ensure the scalability they need to run big data applications.

But, Splice Machine, a startup based in San Francisco, believes traditional SQL and big data can live together in harmony. The company's Hadoop-based Splice SQL Engine marries the best of both the SQL and NoSQL worlds, offering a massively scalable database without compromising things like secondary indexes, transactional integrity, and full SQL support the way it argues some NoSQL databases do.

Splice Machine's SQL Engine also prevents companies from needing to overhaul their BI landscape to dig into big data, eliminating the need to rewrite existing SQL-based tools.

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