10 Big Data Startups You Shouldn't Overlook

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Kunal Agarwal and Shivnath Babu, Founders

Unravel isn't afraid to admit big data can be complicated. Founders Kunal Agarwal and Shivnath Babu (pictured) realize, for instance, how easy it is for organizations to get caught up trying to find the optimal configuration settings for Hadoop applications and wanted to do something to help.

So, in January they launched Unravel, a startup that provides optimization tools to help users spend less time worrying about their Hadoop infrastructures and focus instead on the true value of big data: making better business decisions.

Unravel does this through a series of visualization tools like Profiler, which maps out data flows and warns users when their configuration settings look off. Another tool, the What-If Engine, lets users see how the performance of their applications would be impacted if those configuration settings, or other parameters, are changed.


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