EMC's Greenplum: These 10 People Get Big Data

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Steven Hillion, Alpine Data Labs

Last but not least on Greenplum's list was Steve Hillion, who actually founded the analytics group at Greenplum before branching off to start his own analytics company, Alpine Data Labs, in early 2010.

Alpine Data Labs focuses largely on predictive analytics, a phrase that's becoming as buzz-worthy these days as "big data" itself. Alpine Data Lab's platform, which works on both Hadoop-based data sources and traditional relational databases, is meant to bring predictive analytics to masses with a system its maker says is super easy to use, deploy and monitor. It also touts a heavy collaboration angle, meaning team members across the globe can work together on a single predictive analytics model or workflow, thanks to Alpine's built-in Web access.

Alpine Data Labs was featured on CRN's Emerging Vendors list in both 2011 and 2012.


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