10 Windows 8 Tablet Apps For Business

Getting Down To Business

For business users, navigating Microsoft's Windows Store can be a difficult task. The app store requires users to swipe through several app categories before they get to "Business" or "Productivity" content, and searching the Windows Store can be a chore. Difficult as they are to find, there are plenty of business and productivity apps for Microsoft's newest operating system. Here's a look at some of the best Windows 8 apps for business users.

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JDI Backup JustCloud

JustCloud is a cloud storage and file synchronization app from JDI Backup. Users can create a free account and install the app on their desktops and mobile devices, which will then automatically sync files across all systems. Users can access their media, documents and other files on the fly from the application and share content with third parties. The app features unlimited cloud storage, plus 256-bit SSL encryption to protect users' data.

Price: Free (monthly business service costs $19.95 per month)

Platforms: Windows 8, Windows RT

RNG Labs LockIt

It's hard to remember all the passwords for the numerous cloud services and applications used on a daily basis, but RNG Labs has that covered. LockIT is an app that creates a secure location for users to store passwords, credit card data, bank account information, software keys and more. The app uses military-grade AES encryption to protect the data, plus it automatically synchronizes data across all Windows 8 systems and allows users to import their data from other password manager programs.

Price: $1.49

Platforms: Windows 8, Windows RT

Kool Mileage And Receipt System

Have app, will travel. Kool Software's Mileage And Receipt System, or MARS, is a handy app for those road warriors who need to keep track of all their vehicle-related travel costs, from IRS-deductible vehicle mileage to various other expenses. The app automatically synchronizes to the cloud so users can track expenses and receipts across multiple devices and export the data to CSV files.

Price: $1.99

Platforms: Windows 8, Windows RT

PDF Touch

PDF Touch is one of those apps with a simple and straightforward feature: It allows users to make annotations on PDF documents. With the app, users can write notes, highlight, underline or create other markups on PDF documents. Users can use their fingers, a stylus or a keyboard to make annotations, and all markups are saved and can be viewed in other applications.

Price: $2.99

Platforms: Windows 8, Windows RT

Stardock Start8

It's not strictly a productivity or business app, but for customers mourning the loss of the Start button in Windows 8 this application is a must-have. Start8 from Stardock does exactly what one would expect -- it brings the Start button back to the Windows 8 screen and adds an enhanced, Windows 7-style menu to the button. The program also allows users to pin Windows 8 apps to the Start menu and customize the Windows 8 desktop by disabling the "hot spots."

Price: $4.99

Platforms: Windows 8 only

Astonsoft Essential PIM Pro

For those having trouble keeping track of all their commitments and tasks on a daily basis, look to a personal information manager app like Astonsoft's Essential PIM Pro. The app organizes appointments, notes, to-do lists, contacts and other important data together in one place. Essential PIM Pro can also house email and various passwords, plus synchronize that data with other devices (Android, iOS) as well as cloud services (Google, iCloud, etc.). Data is encrypted with an AES 256-bit key and the cloud service synchronization is protected via SSL.

Price: $39.95 (a free version with fewer features is also available)

Platforms: Windows 8 only

Team 0.9 sNote

sNote from Team 0.9 is a multifunction organizer app for Windows 8 or Windows RT tablets. The app providers users a blank canvas to play with, whether it's adding text notes, pinning images or drawing sketches. SNote allows users to create an unlimited number of notes, which are then organized by specific category folders and filtered by date. The app also enables users to password-protect the whole app and individual folders.

Price: $4.49

Platforms: Windows 8, Windows RT

Quimera Interactive WhiteBoard

Quimera Interactive's app is just what it sounds like. WhiteBoard is a basic digital whiteboard that users can draw on using their fingers, a stylus pen or a mouse. Users can easily erase content, save and print individual whiteboard files and use a projector to present the whiteboard of a bigger display.

Price: $1.49

Platforms: Windows 8, Windows RT

Brizz Easy Invoice Creator

Easy Invoice Creator from Brizz is an app for business users who need to compose professional invoices on the go. The app enables users to create full invoices in three steps, with the ability to add multiple items per invoice with overdue balances, late fees, due dates and other information. Users can also save completed invoices as PDF files and customize them with their own business logo. Plus, users can send the invoice to clients via PayPal.

Price: $1.49

Platforms: Windows 8, Windows RT

Cribasoft HoursTracker

For users worried about an employer potentially shorting them on hourly wages, HoursTracker can save the day. Cribasoft's app is a handy tool that lets users track time and earnings of an hourly wage job or, for independent contractors, just track work hours. The app supports unlimited jobs and time entries and automatically sorts time into weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods. Users can also manually enter start and end dates and edit existing time entries, as well as export the data as text or a CSV file.

Price: $7.99

Platforms: Windows 8, Windows RT