10 Discounted And Inexpensive Apps For Business

On The Cheap

Free, on sale and discount are words that will always stand out. For Apple's App Store's fifth anniversary, iTunes is celebrating by offering its popular games and apps for free. CRN has compiled a list of discounted and inexpensive apps that will help business employees out on the road or in the office stay productive. From a network scanner app to task reminder app, these cheap apps will aid executives and employees alike in being efficient and on task in the work environment.

Day One Journal Diary

This kind of journal doesn't require a notebook and pen. Instead, Day One Journal Diary is an app for iOS and Mac OS X devices that easily records important details. Created by app developer Bloom Built, Day One will allow users to type in their memories, ideas, events and save photos. Executives will be able to record ideas and details of business meetings. With Day One, add current locations, use photo and date/time when adding an entry and tell the weather. It has a photo resolution up to 2,100 pixels. What's great about this app is that it can back up to iCloud or Dropbox so entries can be recovered if the phone is lost or damaged. With the latest update, this app also can support PDF export and printing. Originally $4.99, for Apple's fifth anniversary this app is on sale for, well, absolutely no cost.



There are myriad file types, and this PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT Reader app will help to read just about any file type on an iOS device. Developed by independent developer Kirill Mazur, this app supports files such as PDF, .doc, .ppt, .xml, .html, .txt, images and videos. With mobility in place, this app will help businessmen/women to open up necessary and important documents at all times. This free app has a 30-times zoom feature, supports portrait and landscape modes, and has the ability to create bookmarks and organize functions for documents. It has a built-in Internet browser and to utilize documents can be downloaded through Wi-Fi. There is also a password setup for the app to keep important files guarded. It supports iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5, iPod touch 2, 3, 4 and all iPad versions.


For field personnel out on the road, Wi-Fi can usually be found easily. However, which public Wi-Fi networks are safe? Developed by network utility app developer, Nutec Network Tools, LANscan is a security solution that will scan different Wi-Fi networks to reveal potentially malicious intruders attached to the network. Originally designed for network administrators and IT managers, anyone will find this app easy to use. Professionals will be able to see who is attached to the network, check for networking problems and use port scanning to find unsecured ports. The information is conveniently displayed so it is easy to understand. Originally $3.99, LANscan is now free.



When there isn't enough time to take notes, especially during a meeting or presentation, Audiolio is the perfect solution. Developed by mobile and web app developer Escape Velocity Apps, this app is a multitasking note-taker, audio recorder, bookmarker and text expander. Bookmarks can include text notes, sketches, timestamp and images to add during the recording or after. Recordings also can be exported and shared as an audio file, text and audio, and PDF notes through email, iTunes file-sharing and Dropbox. When there's a meeting, presentation, interview or lecture, Audiolio is one great app in staying productive. Originally $1.99, this iOS and Mac OS X app is free through July 14 in celebration of the fifth anniversary of Apple's app store.



Staying organized is key to being productive and successful. iDatabase is an app that allows users to remain organized when it comes to their personal database. Developed by intuitive software company Apimac, iDatabase easily creates and manages lists and databases, including inventories, expenses, contacts, notes, projects and even recipes, just to name a few. There are already 22 ready-to-use customizable templates, and text, images, links, passwords and phone numbers can be stored. Typing in the search field can quickly look up useful and important information. With its built-in backup function, important databases can be stored and retrieved with just a tap. iDatabase is currently available for just 99 cents.

Debt Snowball Pro

Dealing with debt is no joke and the app Debt Snowball Pro is key in quickly getting out of debt. Developed by independent developer Matthew King, this iOS app will help to pay off debt by tracking debt payments and seeing the progress. As soon as one debt is paid off, that payment will be applied to the next, sending off a snowball effect of getting bills paid. Debt Snowball tracks debt and allows users to see how much time and interest is being saved en route. There are also bill notifications and password lock keeps information protected. This app is now available for only $2.99


Complete: Reminders, Tasks And Grocery Lists

Finalize, finish up and accomplish tasks with Complete, an iOS app that will prompt users to get things done. Developed by independent developer Daniela Petrova, this free productivity app is for reminders, tasks, grocery lists and notes. Complete will alert for important reminders that are crucial to remember. Organizing tasks is easily done by pressing on a certain task or list to reorder it. Notes can be added to a task as well as multiple subtasks. Swiping a task will show that it was completed. This simple app is superior in enacting and executing responsibilities.

JuiceDefender Plus

A draining battery source for a smartphone or tablet can be devastating, especially when the device is used for work. JuiceDefender is an app that will solve this problem by helping to extend the battery life of Android devices. Developed by battery usage app developer Latedroid, this app will help reserve power consumption. With five preset profiles, JuiceDefender will schedule synchronization events, enable or disable connectivity for certain apps, and auto-toggle Wi-Fi and mobile data. A full activity log will show exactly what is going on and scale CPU when the phone is idle. This app will save an Android's battery. Currently it is available for $1.99.

Bill Reminder Expense Tracker

Forgetting to pay a bill can incur unwanted fees, however the app Bill Reminder Expense Tracker is a great solution for tracking bills. Developed by app developer S App Fusion, Bill Reminder will help to control and maintain financials. This $1.68 app will show how much money is being spent, add and list bills, and oversee recurrent bills, whether it is weekly, every three months or yearly. There also is a calendar to see overdue payments, planned payments and to check off what has been paid. Bill Reminder is a great app to help users stay ahead of their demanding schedules.


Time is of the essence and when it involves work, this app will surely help out those that work on an hourly basis. Developed by software developer InerTron Software, InerTrack will track time for different projects. This iOS app works by creating a list of clients and simply clicking the timer to start and stop the time. Projects associated with each client and hourly rates are measured to calculate the financial cost of labor. The project shows a detailed view of time, money and the days that have been billed. Edits can be made anytime, and completed projects will be sorted to the bottom of the list. Currently, InerTrak is available for 99 cents.