10 Best Apps For Traveling This Summer

Summertime Travel Made Easy

Summertime calls for travel. Whether it's for business or pleasure, having a smartphone can be quite handy. To help ease summer traveling difficulties and frustrations, CRN has found some of the best apps to make it easier. From an app that forecasts the sun's UV rays to one that translates signs, here are 10 of the best apps for traveling this summer.


Not every aspect of traveling is exciting, and the long and winding road there can sometimes be a bit boring. Rather than napping or staring out the window, stay preoccupied with Pocket. Developed by Web app designer Nate Weiner, this app for Android, iOS and Kindle Fire devices is a bookmarking tool that stores the latest news, videos and articles. An Internet connection is usually required to pull up articles; however, Pocket stores online content to be read offline. The articles can be bookmarked from a Web browser, emailed to a Pocket account or saved directly from other services like Twitter, Flipboard and Zite. When ready to read, there is a queue of all the saved articles. Photos are also included to give a more multimedia feel. This magazine-like app is great whether traveling on a plane, train, or bus or even when stuck in a hotel without Internet.


Although the sun is about 93 million miles away, it is still very strong. To protect oneself from the sun's harmful UV rays, there is iSunBurn. Developed by independent developer Monika Morris, this iOS app will indicate the UV index forecast and associated risk for the day. Clouds can be deceptive; even though there isn't any sun, UV rays can still cause sun burn. The app's UV index scale measures from one, for low risk, to 11-plus for high risk. The app instructs travelers which SPF level of sunscreen to use and when to wear protective clothing and sunglasses, and it also specifies how long it would take to burn.

WiFi Finder

When out and about it can be difficult to find Wi-Fi, even through a device's general settings. However, WiFi Finder does just that. Created by location-powered mobile advertising leverage JiWire, this free iOS app will locate free and paid wireless connections. Using a device's GPS, this app finds the closest hotspots, whether it's from a certain provider or by location from a restaurant, hotel and more. When a specific location is found, a phone number and directions are provided to get to the specific spot. When a 3G or 4G connection doesn't cut out, WiFi Finder is the perfect solution to finding that free wireless hotspot.


It's hard to keep track of flimsy paper receipts when traveling, and it's even more crucial when they're for expense reports. And, Expensify is the answer to this predicament. Created by Expensify, this free Android and iOS app aids in tracking and categorizing expenses. Snapping a picture with a smartphone's camera easily inputs receipts. Expenses can be imported from a bank and credit card for an IRS approved e-Receipt. Great for managing expense reports on the go, Expensify will log all expenses and track them by type, vendor and time.

Jibbigo Translator

An ideal language interpreter, Jibbigo Translator is the perfect traveling accompaniment. Created by language mobile technology company Jibbigo, this Android and iOS app features at least 20 languages. And, it will translate with no network connection! So, there's no need to worry about roaming charges when traveling. This free app works by typing in a word, phrase or sentence or by simply recording a phrase for Jibbigo to translate aloud. Regional bundles, which offer up t a 60 percent discount, are available for multi-country traveling. Bundles are available for English or Japanese native speakers and feature multi-language packs for European or Asian travel. With free unlimited online usage, Jibbigo Translator is the perfect app for traveling.

Word Lens

It can be difficult reading menus or understanding foreign signs when abroad. With no network required, Word Lens is the perfect app for traveling. Created by Quest Visual, this Android and iOS app translates with just the snap of a camera. Word Lens translates by simply pointing the device's camera at a printed text sign or by manually typing text in. This app will translate English, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese. It also features a flashlight and zoom-in option. World Lens is free for iOS devices but $4.99 for Android devices.


When roaming the streets of a foreign country, converting currencies shouldn't be a guessing game. To precisely calculate currencies, HiConvertor is the perfect solution. Created by mobile software developer PPCLINK, HiConvertor calculates over 152 different currencies, units, and more. This 99-cent app has a clean interface. A regular calculator, a tip calculator, and calculators for cooking measurements, distance and length, capacity and volume are all embedded in the app. Conversions for even women and girl's clothing are included in the app. There is a search bar to easily find a unit, and the most used categories are saved so users can quickly access favorites.


This is one app that will help to take care of it all when traveling. WorldMate for the iPhone is a free app that fits all traveling needs including travel itinerary, flight details, hotel searches and weather forecasts. By simply forwarding confirmation emails to [email protected], WorldMate creates an itinerary that syncs to the iPhone for quick access. Included in the itinerary is information on terminals, gates, confirmation numbers and addresses. If a hotel is needed, this app will find one. Hotels can be searched via price range, distance from a specific place or by name and booked in the user's currency of choice. To avoid frustrations, notifications regarding flights are sent straight to the home screen including flight delays or flight changes, and to save time, WorldMate offers online flight check-in. Additionally, this app features a tip calculator and currency convertor to help while abroad.


Need to find a great seafood restaurant, the nearest gas station or the closest hospital? AroundMe is the perfect app to search and find what's around. Created by independent developer Attorno A Me, this consulting app allows users to find any business or service including banks, ATMs, hotels, movie theaters and other facilities. Using GPS location or Wikipedia, AroundMe will show nearby listings. When traveling to cities this personal guide is a quick-and-easy-to-use solution. AroundMe is a free for Android and iOS devices.


Social media has changed the ways of connecting and communicating. Now it's changing the way navigation works with Waze. For Android and iOS, this free GPS navigation app helps users avoid traffic jams. When there's traffic in the way, Waze will guide a driver by finding the best possible route, and it provides an accurate ETA based on other Waze users, also known as "Wazers." By simply turning the app on before driving and plugging in the address, Waze will track how traffic is flowing. If the vehicle slows down, Waze will ask if the user is stuck in traffic. So whether there is an accident or other type of stoppage, Waze will let users know what's up ahead. Wazers will also warn users if there is a police trap. This navigation app delivers voice commands and turn-by-turn directions. Waze is easy to use and great for vacationers, commuters and any other busy traveling professional.