10 Key Takeaways From Oracle's Financial Analyst Briefing

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Ellison's Really, Really Sorry He Missed His Keynote Speech Tuesday

Ellison irked many of the 60,000 Oracle OpenWorld attendees Tuesday when he skipped his scheduled keynote speech and instead went to watch what proved to be the next-to-last race in the America's Cup sailing match. Oracle's sponsored sailboat ultimately won the competition.

There were lots of grumbling and some pretty nasty comments on Twitter about Ellison's absence. "I love that Larry Ellison blew off his own keynote to watch his sailboat race. Says everything you need to know about the guy," tweeted one attendee.

"That's the only presentation I've missed in 25 years," Ellison said. "There were a lot of tweets that were not good. I hope people in time will forgive me."


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