10 Key Takeaways From Oracle's Financial Analyst Briefing

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Ellison On Internet Cat Videos

When an analyst asked about managing unstructured data, Ellison responded: "You mean like videos of cats? Cats playing and tumbling around. The cat videos."

He noted that some databases (he specifically mentioned Autonomy, now owned by Hewlett-Packard) positioned themselves as better able to handle unstructured data -- "like cat videos [and] photographs of your kids" -- while Oracle's database was better suited for structured data like "banking balances and, you know, payroll information and accounting information and customer data."

"By the way, we handle cat videos and photographs of your kids, too. But, it's not a huge money-maker for us," Ellison said to growing laughter.

"It's interesting how much people are willing to pay to store their cat videos. It's just way less than they're willing to pay to store, let's say, all their network configuration data at AT&T."


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