Enterprise App Awards: CRN's Five Best Apps

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App: Quip

Maker: Quip
Platforms: Android, iOS
Cost: $12

This year's winner for productivity is Quip, a word processor that's a lot like the one in Google Docs but without getting glitchy when there's no Internet connection. Quip started out as a browser app, and now runs natively on Android and iOS, taking on the native interface of its host. It's a collaborative environment that merges documents and messages together into a single update thread that's easy to understand and navigate. Anyone can see and edit shared documents in realtime regardless of device or platform. If a connection is lost, changes made on that device are synchronized as soon as the connection is restored, and there's no interruption in program functionality. Documents can contain spreadsheets, graphs, checklists and other objects, as well as live links to other documents. All objects and linked documents are editable by all collaborators at the same time. Quip employs a simple, elegant design that its makers say "helps you focus on writing, not ribbons."

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