10 Software Industry Predictions For 2014

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10. VMware's vCloud Hybrid Service Gets More Sophisticated

VMware launched its public cloud in May, but vCloud Hybrid Service hasn't attracted anywhere near the number of customers as the vendor expected, according to partners.

According to partners, VMware's approach of "if we build it, they will come" hasn't translated into as many customers as VMware expected. The main issue is that vCHS -- known in the VMware channel as "vee-cheese" -- is a pretty basic infrastructure-as-a-service with little added value. Many enterprises want more than just a way to forklift their on-premise infrastructure into the public cloud, VMware partners tell CRN.

VMware's response will be to add desktops-as-a-service and disaster recovery-as-a-service on the vCHS cloud. VMware will also roll out a per-VM per-hour pricing option because that's where the IaaS market seems to be heading. Deeper integration with Pivotal's platform-as-a-service could also be in the cards for 2014 as VMware looks to spice up its raw IaaS offering.


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