8 Business-Boosting Apps For Nonprofit Customers

There's An App For Nonprofits

The estimated more than 1.5 million nonprofit businesses out there are looking to fill big tech requirements, from fundraising, to database management, marketing and more on often lower-cost budgets. Take a look at eight great apps highlighted by San Jose, Calif.-based marketing firm Jacobson Communications that can give nonprofit clients a technical edge and get them a step ahead in doing good for their cause.

NonProfit Easy

Running under the slogan of "Do more with less," NonProfitEasy is data management software designed to help nonprofits juggle all of their responsibilities in a cost-effective way. Software capabilities include task and integration capabilities, pledges and grants, donor and member management, events and programs management, communication and reporting. NonProfitEasy starts at $20 per month for a single user up to an "Easy Pro" version for $300 per month for an unlimited amount of users.

Google For Nonprofits

Google lets nonprofits leverage the benefits of the Google Apps portfolio to help build out their businesses. Nonprofits can use Google Wallet to securely streamline online donations and then use Google Docs and Google Forms to keep people engaged and proposals organized. Google Sites let the nonprofits get their website up and running, and then businesses can measure their reach using Google Analytics. The suite also lets nonprofits grow social engagement through YouTube, Google AdWords and Google+.

PayPal Giving Fund (Formerly MissionFish)

With the support given by parent company eBay, which also owns PayPal, the PayPal Giving Fund gives nonprofits a powerful financial tool for fundraising opportunities. The mission of the solution is to help enable people around the globe to donate with confidence and in an easy way that brings it into their everyday life. It also connects PayPal users with options to give, as well as giving regular businesses an easy way to donate a portion of their proceeds to charity.


With more than 15 years of history in project management, Basecamp has developed into a leading project management tool. It runs on the cloud, which means nonprofit employees can access Basecamp on their Web browsers at work or on the go on their mobile devices across multiple OSes. The first 60 days of use are free, so it's easy to get started on a trial.


For nonprofits looking to boost their social reach with video content and promotional videos, WeVideo provides easy "video creation for everyone." The cloud-based tool allows employees to collaborate on video projects and create custom, professional videos with themes, premade titles, music and stock video to choose from. Three levels of complexity allow nonprofits to get the functionality they need.


HootSuite works to make social media a lot easier by combining the management for multiple platforms into a single dashboard. Beyond having a single webpage to manage multiple accounts, HootSuite also gives insight into social media analytics, allows for collaboration and gives insight into the nonprofit's audience to better tailor content.


Scribd's file-sharing app allows nonprofits to upload high-quality PDFs and share them with customers, employees and more. Allowing nonprofits to upload a single page or many, Scribd helps businesses share white papers or e-books and highlight employee and company expertise.


SimpleBooklet helps nonprofits build booklets, emails and more. The program's features let companies upload an already-made booklet, or start from scratch through the drag-and-drop program. Creating a web book that will last for 14 days is free. Businesses can upgrade from there to three different levels, ranging in price from $12 per year to $120 a year.