Top 10 Apps Your Employer Wants You to Use

Your Boss Will Approve

Fiberlink, an IBM company and EMM provider, has come up with a list of applications that IT departments are pushing on the devices of their employees.

In what Fiberlink is calling ’the first report of its kind,’ the maker of the MaaS360 software has examined real-time data from the millions of mobile devices that it manages. The report states that 77 percent were iOS devices and 22 percent were Android devices. Users of 33 percent of the devices were in education, 15 percent in the public sector, 14 percent in manufacturing, 20 percent in retail and financial services, 11 percent in health care, and 7 percent in other fields.

10. Numbers

Apple's spreadsheet application starts off our list.

The easy-to-use software allows users to simply create spreadsheets with their fingers, and save their work on iCloud, allowing users to access their data from other devices. Of course, users can also share spreadsheets over Airdrop, email, messaging or even social media. Apps like Numbers expands the work desk to the mobile device, allowing people on the go to be more productive. In the fields Fiberlink categorized, Numbers was the eighth most popular app in the health-care industry and 10th most popular in education.

9. Keynote

Apple's presentation app bringing its version of Powerpoint to a user's iPhone or iPad.

Keynote allows users to easily create in-depth slideshows for upcoming presentations right on their mobile device. The software comes stocked with animated charts and transitions, and allows for presentations to be conducted off an iPhone or iPad onto an HDTV. Presentations can be stored on iCloud and accessed by other devices. Work can be shared through a link over email, messaging, Airdrop or social media.

8. Pages

The word processing program by Apple brought to a mobile device.

On the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Pages allows users to type up resumes, reports and other documents right on a mobile device while also making it easy to share them through a link after saving work on iCloud.

Pages is the third most popular app in the education industry, seventh most popular in financial services, and ninth most popular in the public sector.

7. Google Earth

An advanced mapping app by Google allows users to see photos, maps, directions, 3-D images, local businesses and landmarks, and more. Google Street View is also integrated with its Google Earth app.

The app knows a user's current location and allows searches for any address or point of interest on the planet.

The smooth user interface allows users to swipe around maps from satellite images with their fingers and zoom in and out in their view of locations.

Google Earth is the third most popular app in the public sector and seventh most popular in education.

6. Evernote

This note-taking and archiving app stores documents, notes photos, audio recordings and more, and syncs to all users' other devices, so what users store with Evernote is always conveniently on hand. Important items such as itineraries and scanned travel documents can be stored in Evernote so they are on hand when needed.

The app also works as a reminder for things users find helpful such as websites or brand names. Evernote allows users to share items with colleagues or classmates.

Evernote is the third most popular app in the retail industry, fourth in education, seventh in the public sector, and 10th in manufacturing.

5. Dropbox

This app allows users to have everything important to them on hand at all times on all their devices. This includes photos, documents, videos and more. After installing Dropbox on a computer, anything users save to Dropbox will be automatically saved to all computers, devices and the Dropbox website.

Documents that are saved in Dropbox can be edited while in the app and the edited document will automatically show up in device connected to the Dropbox network after it's saved.

Dropbox is the fourth most popular app in the retail industry and sixth most popular in education, the public sector and manufacturing.

4. Cisco AnyConnect

Cisco Systems' app that provides encrypted network access to mobile devices for corporate access. Cisco AnyConnect provides remote access for business emails, virtual desktop sessions and more for business-level application connectivity with high-level encryption.

Cisco AnyConnect is the most popular app in the health-care industry, the second most popular in manufacturing and financial services, the fourth most popular in the public sector, and the fifth most popular in retail.

3. iBooks

Apple's e-reader app allowing users to download the latest best-selling books straight from the iBook Store.

All books and PDFs downloaded can be put into Collections that appears on all of a user's devices.

iBooks is used regularly by industries across the board as it's the most popular app in education, fourth most popular in manufacturing, fifth most popular in the public sector, sixth most popular in retail, seventh most popular in health care, and 10th most popular in financial services.

2. Google Maps

The GPS device killer by Google is the most popular navigation app not only in the enterprise space, but in the consumer space as well. Google Maps allows users to easily find landmarks, addresses, business locations such as gas stations, restaurants, train stations and more.

In conjunction with Google's acquisition of the Waze app, Google Maps offers live traffic conditions, incident reports and automatic rerouting to avoid traffic, and if a user chooses, tolls and highways.

Google Maps is the second most popular app in the retail industry and the public sector, and the third most popular in manufacturing, health care and financial services.

1. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the top app IT departments want in the workplace, says Fiberlink. The app allows for mobile device users to work with PDF files, including the option of filling out forms, signing documents and making comments or edits right from an iOS or Android device. The software easily opens email attachments quickly and allows for important confidential documents to be password protected. Adobe Reader is extremely popular across all industries at it is the top app in manufacturing, retail, financial services and the public sector, and is the fifth most popular app in the health-care industry.