7 Things That Stood Out At Microsoft's Windows 10 Unveiling Event

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Windows 10 Unveiled

Microsoft shocked the IT industry by skipping the name Windows 9 and going right to Windows 10. Is this a symbolic move to distance itself from the unpopular Windows 8? Or could Microsoft just be looking to foil German speakers who might have been preparing "Windows Nein" jokes?

Whatever the reason, Windows 10 is a big reset for Microsoft and a bid to regain the interest of enterprises that have decided to skip Windows 8. It's also an attempt at a single OS that runs on everything -- from Internet of Things sensor devices all the way up to servers in data centers.

CRN was on hand at Microsoft's Windows 10 unveiling event in San Francisco, hanging on every word its executives had to say about the OS, which is slated to arrive mid-2015. Following are scenes from the event.

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