Apps Of The Week: 4 Ways To Increase Revenue, Billable Hours

From The Week Of Feb. 16

The CRN Test Center scans the world's app stores for the most useful apps for business. This week, we provided ways to keep track of billable hours, manage mailing lists, handle credit-card payments and secure computers. Here's a synopsis of last week's apps, with links to the full reviews.

Timecard Pro

If billable hours are your stock in trade, then Timecard Pro can help keep inventory at maximum levels. For service organizations, law firms and any business that charges by the hour, these apps make easy work of clocking in and out and being reminded when appointments draw near. They will be the best $2.99 (Android) or $3.99 (iPhone or iPad) on the balance sheet.


Managed service providers, VARs and other service organizations should keep their name in front of customers so that when service is needed, you're the one they call. MailChimp is a "freemium" web service for small and midsize business that manages mailing lists, helps design campaigns, and tracks results online or through app for Android and iOS.

Square Register

For PC break-fixers and other MSPs, the emergency call can mean big profits. While dozens of cash-register apps exist for Android and iOS, Square Register also provides a cheap, easy and secure way to handle credit-card payments at the point of service.


Whether a customer calls to report that their computer is running slow or that they've got the Lenovo Superfish virus, we recommend showing up with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 Premium, a free-to-try tool for Windows that finds more problems than others that we've tried, and can generate sales and service revenue for MSPs and IT consultants.