Decision Time: 10 Reasons To Upgrade To Windows 10

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Decision Time

Microsoft is going all out in cajoling users to upgrade to Windows 10 -- the supposed "last version of Windows." And for a little while longer, part of the pitch includes that the upgrade is free (for Home and Pro users, not Enterprise). It's free until July 29, to be exact.

So far, many, many Windows users do not care.

"The free upgrade is great, but you also have to reassure business customers that the transition isn't going to be disastrous -- that folks are still going to be able to be productive," said Tim Lynch, CEO of Psychsoft, a Quincy, Mass.-based Microsoft partner. "Instead, it falls on folks like me to do all the research and reassure people that, yeah, you can move to Windows 10 if you want to do that, and the majority of stuff is going to work."

But are there actual reasons to upgrade to Windows 10? Yes, there are, and we've got 10 of them in the slides that follow.

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