Emerging Vendors 2017: Big Data Startups You Need To Know

The Next Generation Of Big Data Leaders

The volume of data being generated by ecommerce and online retail systems, mobile applications, social media and (albeit in an early stage) Internet of Things networks continues to explode. So it's no surprise the global market for big data products and services is expected to grow from nearly $29.7 billion last year to $66.8 billion in 2021, according to research firm MarketsandMarkets.

That's generating a steady stream of new big data tools and technologies from a new generation of startups.

As part of CRN's 2017 Emerging Vendors list, here are 26 hot big data startups, all founded in 2011 or later, that solution providers should be aware of.

Alpine Data

Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Dan Udoutch, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=42

Alpine Data is the provider of Chorus, an enterprise data science platform that empowers business users to define and participate in data science projects and gives data scientists the tools they need to create value from huge volumes of data.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: David Drai, Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=43

Anadot's software provides valuable business insight through anomaly detection, uncovering outliers in vast amounts of time series data. The company's real-time business incident detection technology uses patented machine-learning algorithms to isolate and correlate issues across multiple parameters to support rapid business decisions.

Arcadia Data

Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Sushil Thomas, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=44

Arcadia Data develops native visual analytics software that runs within modern data platforms providing the scale, flexibility, performance and security users need for real-time business insight. The company's technology is used to design data-centric applications in the era of big data and IoT, filling the gap between self-service business intelligence and advanced analytics.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: Dave Mariani, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=45

AtScale's software bridges the gap between popular, user-centric data visualization tools and Hadoop data sources that can be difficult to access with those tools. That provides business users with interactive and multi-dimensional analysis capabilities directly on big data. AtScale's software is in use at major corporations across health-care, telecommunications, retail and online industries.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Prat Moghe, Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=46

Cazena's big-data-as-a-service moves data processing tasks to the cloud, automating what is generally a long, complex process. Cazena bundles cloud databases, analytics engines, data movers, security and other tools into a big data Platform-as-a-Service that runs on Microsoft Azure and AWS.

More recently Cazena developed data lake and datamart cloud services and debuted its Data Science Sandbox cloud service for building, testing and running data science analytical applications.

ClearStory Data

Founded: 2011

Top Executive: Sharmila Mulligan, Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=47

ClearStory Data's software simplifies access to disparate internal and external data, including corporate and web information sources such as Hadoop, relational databases and social media. The company's in-memory database "harmonizes" the data and enables interactive data analysis at scale.

In March ClearStory Data added "automated smart data discovery" capabilities to its system that makes it easier to find and isolate patterns in large, complex data sources.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Jay Kreps, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=48

Confluent offers a data platform and services that help businesses adopt and use Apache Kafka, the open-source messaging system for collecting, managing and analyzing streaming data in real time – a growing challenge in the worlds of big data and the Internet of Things.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: Ali Ghodsi, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=49

Databricks was founded by the creators of Apache Spark, the popular open-source big data processing engine. The San Francisco-based company develops commercial software and services around Spark, including the Databricks Cloud end-to-end hosted data platform.

In April Databricks debuted Databricks for Data Engineering, an edition of the Databricks cloud software that data engineers use to combine SQL, ETL, structured data streaming and machine-learning workloads running on Spark and move them into production.


Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Guy Churchward, President, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=50

DataTorrent develops software for big data analytics and real-time, data-in-motion stream processing. DataTorrent's Real-Time Streaming applications ingest, transform and analyze every data type as soon as it is generated in real time, giving organizations the most current view possible of their data to make better business decisions.


Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Murali Kashaboina, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=51

Entrigna's Real-Time Expert System (RTES) turns data from Internet of Things systems into actionable insight that increases operational efficiency, enhances customer relationships and makes complex decisions faster. RTES incorporates all the major decision-making frameworks, including machine learning, complex event processing and business rules into one solution.


Founded: 2011

Top Executive: Rob Bearden, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=52

Hortonworks is a leader in the big data industry, creating, distributing and supporting enterprise-ready open data platforms and modern data applications. The company is focused on driving innovation in open-source software communities including Apache Hadoop and Spark. The company's connected data platforms power modern data applications that deliver actionable intelligence from all data.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Amar Arsikere, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=53

Infoworks provides an automated, end-to-end offering for modern data warehousing in the cloud. Infoworks provides complete functionality from data ingestion, data synchronization and building data models and cubes in a single platform, reducing the time to production from months to days.

Kyvos Insights

Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Praveen Kankariya, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=54

Kyvos Insights provides business intelligence on a big data platform that delivers ad-hoc analysis with instant response times at massive scale. The company's software unlocks the power of data lakes with its patent- pending technologies, serving big data insight interactively to analysts using their favorite business intelligence tools. The company partners with industry leaders in business intelligence, cloud and Hadoop technologies.


Founded: 2011

Top Executive: Frank Bien, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=55

Looker's web-based business intelligence platform provides data exploration and analysis capabilities for data that resides in any relational data source, including on-premises databases or cloud systems like Amazon RedShift and Google Big Query.


Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Babur Ozden, Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=56

Maana is a pioneer in developing digital knowledge technology for the enterprise. The Maana Knowledge Platform turns human expertise and data across disparate silos into digital knowledge to help employees at the world's largest industrial companies make better and faster decisions. Maana's customers include Fortune 500 companies such as Shell, Chevron, Maersk and General Electric.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Michael Howard, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=57

MariaDB is the company behind MariaDB, a fast-growing open source database offering advanced functionality including replication and NoSQL capabilities. MariaDB was engineered by CTO Michael "Monty" Widenius and other developers of the popular MySQL database. MariaDB powers applications at companies including Google, Wikipedia, Tencent, Verizon, DBS Bank, Deutsche Bank, Telefonica and Huatai Securities.


Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Prakash Nanduri, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=58

Paxata is a big data software pioneer whose software intelligently empowers business consumers to transform raw data into ready information, instantly and automatically, with an enterprise-grade, self-service data preparation application and machine-learning platform. The vendor's Adaptive Information Platform weaves data into an information fabric from any source and any cloud to create trusted insight.


Founded: 2011

Top Executive: Ashish Thusoo, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=59

Qubole, a leader in big-data-as-a-service, enables more than 200 customers to analyze an exabyte of data monthly while leveraging public cloud infrastructure from AWS, Microsoft, Oracle and Google. Qubole sits at the intersection of cloud and big data, harnessing the architectural and cost benefits of cloud infrastructure with open-source big data technologies.


Founded: 2011

Top Executive: Manish Sood, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=60

Reltio Cloud delivers reliable data, relevant insight and recommended actions so companies can make the right decisions faster. Companies rely on Reltio data-driven applications and modern data management for better planning, customer engagement and risk management tasks.


Founded: 2014

Top Executive: Fouad ElNaggar, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=61

Sapho's technology helps organizations provide employees with a modern portal experience that surfaces personalized, relevant tasks and data using micro applications. Sapho micro apps, built by IT on top of existing systems, simplify workflows and data access and allow employees to complete work faster and make better decisions, improving their productivity and effectiveness.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: Nitin Donde, Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=62

Talena develops a comprehensive big data management solution for optimized backup, recovery, test data management and archiving, helping companies prevent data loss, minimize risk and deliver applications faster. With its scale-out distributed architecture and performance advantages, Talena can handle data recovery 10 times faster than native database utilities.


Founded: 2013

Top Executive: Andy Palmer, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=63

Tamr is the enterprise-scale data unification company trusted by industry leaders like GE, Toyota, Thomson Reuters, GSK, HP, Philips and Amgen. The company's patented software platform uses machine learning supplemented by human expertise to unify and prepare data across myriad silos to deliver previously unavailable business-changing insight.


Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Ajeet Singh, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=64

ThoughtSpot develops search-driven analysis software, utilizing relational search engine technology, which the company says can eliminate the need for complex business intelligence tools.

The company recently announced the general availability of new embedded analytics capabilities with the new Extended Enterprise Edition of the company's software.


Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Adam Wilson, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=65

Trifacta's data wrangling software significantly enhances the value of an enterprise's big data by enabling users to easily transform and enrich raw, complex data into clean and structured formats for analysis. Trifacta's focus is on the self-service data preparation space.

Waterline Data

Founded: 2013

Top Executive: Alex Gorelik, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=66

Waterline Data's Smart Data Catalog creates an inventory of data and data lineage for data life-cycle management. It tags sensitive data to control access and find data redundancy. It identifies data for analysis, enables data governance and rationalizes excess data sets, unlocking the potential value of big data projects.


Founded: 2012

Top Executive: Justin Langseth, Co-Founder, CEO

Emerging vendor details: www.crn.com/rankings-and-lists/ev2017-details.htm?c=67

Zoomdata develops big data analytics and visualization software, based on the company's patented Data Sharpening technique for the fast visualization of large volumes of data.