Ellison Opens Oracle OpenWorld With Oracle Database 18c Debut

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Fully Autonomous Administration

You've heard of self-driving cars. Oracle 18c is a self-driving database, the world's first, according to Ellison.

That means the new database dynamically provisions itself, patches itself, updates itself, and tunes itself, all without human intervention.

"Where there's no human administration, there's no human error. And there's no opportunity for human malicious behavior."

It's also "truly elastic," unlike the AWS Elastic Compute Cloud, Ellison said.

The system adds resources when needed and takes them back when not in use. Amazon, on the other hand, requires human provisioning and users pay for resources dedicated to their database, whether they use them or not, the Oracle CTO said.

With 18c, "you don’t allocate compute, you don’t allocate storage, until you're actually going to use it," he said.

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