10 Android Apps To Download For Your New Device

Appy Days

If you've unwrapped a new Android smartphone or tablet this holiday, you've got some decisions to make. Such as, what are you going to actually do with this thing? (Besides texting and Instagram, of course.) There are an enormous number of Android apps available, so once you've downloaded the basics, you may want to consider apps for workouts, games, meditation, recipes, and even coloring. And there are some good ones to check out. So in the following slides, we've rounded up 10 of the Android apps (besides the most-obvious ones) that may just deserve a place on your new device.

7 Minute Workout

This workout app has a big following for a reason: It really delivers. The 7 Minute Workout app guides users through a routine involving 12 exercises that last 30 seconds a piece, with a 10-second rest between exercises. The app also contains videos showing how to do each of the exercises, which require only a chair and a wall. Ultimately, the app offers users a high-intensity workout that can be done practically anywhere (and squeezed in whenever you have a few minutes).

Adobe Photoshop Express

Along with offering basic photo-editing capabilities such as cropping and removing red eye, Adobe Photoshop Express provides features such as automatic adjustments (for contrast, exposure, white balance); blemish removal (easy removal of spots); and corrections (for such things as clarity, temperature, and shadows). The app also offers more than 60 preset filters, as well as direct sharing to social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.


With access to more than 1 million podcast channels, CastBox is a top choice for a podcast app on Android. But CastBox can actually serve as a central location for listening to audiobooks and your favorite radio channels, too. Improvements to the app, meanwhile, have included In-Audio Search, which allows you to discover audio content based on searching for keywords that appear within audio files.


This app is an excellent adult coloring book for your Android device, offering an easy way to de-stress a bit while you're on the go (or chilling out at home). Drawings that you can color include flowers animals, mandalas, and other patterns, and the app works great whether you're using your finger or a stylus for coloring.

Free Audiobooks

Whether or not you get audiobooks as an Audible subscriber, the Free Audiobooks app from Sanity Audio Apps has something to offer you. There's no need to use your Audible credits to get many of the books on your reading wish list; Free Audiobooks has more than 14,000 titles to download, with a specialty in the classics ("Moby Dick," "Pride and Prejudice," and "The Art of War" are three examples).

Genius Scan

This easy-scanning app allows users to export scanned documents as multi-page PDFs or JPGs. Genius Scan offers quick scans of multiple pages using smart page detection, automatic perspective correction, and image post-processing (in either color or black-and-white). Ultimately, Genius Scan compensates for many user errors that often lead to poor scans with a smartphone.

Insight Timer

Initially launched in 2009, Insight Timer has gained popularity with aspiring yogis as a simple way to time and track meditation sessions. This year, Insight Timer introduced what it called the app's biggest update since the start -- with the introduction of a huge library of guided meditations. Insight Timer now features nearly 5,000 free guided meditations from more than 1,000 teachers. And the meditations are broken down into categories such as meditations for stress/anxiety, recovery/healing, sleep, and creativity.


This app from mobile security specialist Lookout offers strong protection against cyber threats, such as viruses and malware, for your Android device. Security analysis takes place automatically in the background--mostly in cloud--which means you won't notice that it's even happening. Meanwhile, Lookout's Find My Phone feature offers the ability to locate your Android device if it's lost or stolen.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

This Star Wars RPG from Electronic Arts is packed with goodies for fans, with capabilities such as creating teams of characters from across multiple Star Wars eras. Those include characters from "The Force Awakens," "Rogue One," and even "The Last Jedi." Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes offers the ability to play for either the light side and the dark side, along with battle options such as cantina battles, player vs. player arena battles, and ship battles.


This recipe app takes some of the struggle out of choosing what to make, by taking your diet, favorite dishes, and food allergies into consideration when serving up recipe suggestions. Yummly can pick from 1 million recipes to personalize your menu for the day. Features include adding an entire recipe to your shopping list, organization of favorite recipes, and powerful recipe search.